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Daily Thread Thurs Feb 5th!

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Morning friends!

Another cold one today at -23 I think At least it is lighter outside now when I leave work at 5pm. No more leaving for work at night and then leaving for home at night

Trout is sprawled out on my lap right now...she seems to love cuddles in the morning. I love her so much.

Welp, not much else going to the gym after work, but Josh has class until 9pm so I won't see him tonight I can't wait to live with him.

Okay, have a great day folks!
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Cold one here (for us), -10 C. I just finished my commute to work, then the 1/2 mile walk from my car to my office, and now I'm trying to finish thawing out and brewing a pot of coffee to get me started for the day. Other than that, not much. I'll go to the gym after work since I skipped yesterday, then I'll head home, feed the kitties, and maybe play a video game while they take turns sitting on my lap.

Have a great day everyone!
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OMG -23? -10?

Right now here it's about -1 and we are freezing!

Today I'm not at college again because 1) the weather is pretty bad and 2) it's a study week, so we are off allllll week apart from tomorrow, but if it continues to snow we won't be in So I've been at my nans this morning and in about 1/2 hour going back home to chillax with the kitty cat

Right now there is a tonne of snow coming down, and I want it to stop so I can go riding at the weekend!

If not I'll have to make do with a furry cuddle from Monty

Have a great day folks!
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Good morning..Cold here also its about 2 F..I'm getting tired of winter and bored. I want to be outside in the warm sun and dig around in my gardens! Don't have a thing planned for today..Maybe I can talk hubby into going shopping!!
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Morning All!!!

Yep it's a cold one here also in cottage country, I think I got you all beat so far. At 8A.M. it was -31C or -23F...And believe me it feels like it.

Originally Posted by gardenandcats View Post
Good morning..Cold here also its about 2 F..I'm getting tired of winter and bored. I want to be outside in the warm sun and dig around in my gardens!
I hear you about getting tired of winter, I am saying enough is enough as well.

Nothing special planned for the day, I have a few things around the house I can work at so that is most likely what I will do.

The kitties are good, they all went back to sleep, no birds at the feeders to watch to darn cold...

Everyone have a good day
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Supposed to be nice here in Kansas today. I'm on vacation today and tomorrow. I woke up at six to work out with my friend and she blew me off again, second day this week! Just got done feeding the cats, they like to bum rush me all at once and try and make me fall off the porch!
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Well I'll add my two cents on the weather is about 5F (-15C), but sunny and high of about 26F!!
Then the lower to upper 30's come tomorrow for at least 5 days-that should melt alot of snow! Its our January thaw just a bit late.

Nothing exciting today-I've got a bit of an upset stomach and the joys that come with one too. I noticed it mid afternoon but its worse today-didn't eat lots yesterday so I'm not quite sure what triggered this.

Ordered some Tupperware products online though as I've been putting off getting them but I need them.
If my stomach feels better I'll go through my health and beauty aids and do some disposing.

Planning on baked chicken, rice and veg for dinner tonite.

Have a good day!
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We had a wind chill advisory this morning... into the -20s F. with the breeze, so I cancelled a medical appt that my mom had. Mostly working around the house - it's bright and sunny which is deceptive b/c of the temps. But then, it's going to be 40 deg F this weekend.
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Supposed to get close to 70F here (Kansas) today and tomorrow. I can't complain in the slightest.

I'm transitioning out of my current job into a new one, so can simply divert all incoming work to someone else. It will be a leisurely 2 weeks.
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