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I have had an ongoing health problem relating to my two resident adult cats and a newly introduced kitten. see post:

It has been my observation that my 16yo Kevin (who lost his brother several months ago who was his lifelong companion) was bombarded by this very eager kitten who seemed to be understudying for Kevin's slot in the household since he arrived. Baby Kinney initially copied everything that Kevin did to the letter. He has a way of always wiggling his way into the center of attention - crying, whining, demanding to be the center of attention, in a cloying way that seems to alienate and depress Kevin who is getting over an almost fatal illness.

After keeping Kevin and Kinney separated during Kevin's three week illness (mostly to let Kev rest), I have been giving Kinney one to two hour parole periods where he is let out so that I can observe the dynamics between the two. It is my distinct impression that Kev seems to fall into a weakened or despondent state whenever Kinney is out, then perks up when Kinney's back behind bars.

I know this sounds silly, but I almost think this kitten could kill my lifelong friend and have thought so from the beginning. Some of the responses I got from my previous post did suggest stress as a factor in illness and frankly, Kevin has never had to compete with anyone (his brother and he were littermates and shared everything - including bowls, litterboxes, playtime, and germs). This is getting me really bummed - I am still pondering whether to eject kitten from household.