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Feeling sad for a lot of ferals tonight. :(

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It's going to be COLD down here in South Florida. I am worried that Ally's mother and father, and the few littermates that I've heard from neighbors are still out there aren't going to make it through the next night or two.... let alone the other hundreds of ferals cats and kittens in my neighborhood ... and the likely few hundred thousand or so throughout Florida and the rest of the southern states affected right now.

There isn't anything to do. I don't know where the ferals in my neighborhood live, and even if I did, trapping them would be difficult on the spur of the moment.... and even if I did that, I was pushing my luck getting my family to be ok with me taking in Ally.

What are the chances they'll survive?

Oddly, Ally keeps going out on my balcony to look around, freezing her paws off and then running back into my room and getting under the covers. I have to keep my door open for a little while because the A/C doesn't work when it gets this cold out.
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It's freezing cold in Atlanta too It will be better by the weekend though. Ferals are good at survival skills. They will probably find an old abandoned building or something...I hope so at least.
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They have a very difficult lot in life. Be heartened by the fact that you saved at least one little "starfish."
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they will probably be ok, me and my mom took care of a feral for years...and he went thru alot of cold winters and managed to survive, we really couldnt let him in, we tried to once but he sprayed everywhere.
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I made this for the ferals that live in my back yard. They don't get along with each other but when it's below 20 degrees over night, they all cuddle inside together and go back to being enemies the next morning.

Total supplies cost was under $20.00. The bottom is styrafoam insulation to keep it from transferring cold from the ground and the straw filled sides help as insulation and wind breakers. Inside the cats burrow in more straw. I change the straw from the very inside where the cats lay about once a month. The bail of straw on the top helps to stop rain drop noise when the cats hang out inside during the rain.

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klag that is wonderful!!
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That is a really great idea for a shelter! I am glad they share it. Some cats won't get the idea to use that place no matter how cold it gets. Glad you are having sucess with it, keep up the good work.
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