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New Show Boy???

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Like we need another male cat! I can't possibly let this silver boy go though, he has huge chunky rosettes all down his back legs. No stripes! At 2.5 weeks old he's spectacular. This is the last Loki boy. Dancing with Stars is the dam.

Who wants to pitch in for an addition to our cattery to house him?

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Wow, what a stunning hunk of a baby!
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He's spectacular!
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Thanks for the replies.

I'm mulling names over........ Meridian Royal Flush....... Meridian Bases Loaded..... Meridian Fleetfoot Mac............ Meridian Sharp Dressed Man.
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He is a keeper. Meridain Sharp dressed man is my favorite
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I like Meridian Sharp Dressed Man. Not sure what call name would go with that?
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Congratulations on another stunning baby I like Meridian Sharp Dressed Man
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Fleetwood Mac is my pick for a name
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Totally stunning!!!

I like Sharp Dressed Man
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Another vote for sharp dressed man
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Instead of Sharp Dressed - why not Dressed to Kill (nicknamed Killer)? Love him, possibly the best marked cat I've seen from you guys! However, reserving comments on the rest of the baby!
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He is so pretty!

I vote for Meridian Sharp Dressed Man!
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Looks like Sharp Dressed Man gets the popular vote!
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How about Meridian Hit the Jackpot - call him Jackie... cuz you won the lotto with this one!!
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Oh my gosh, you're going to have a really busy season coming up!!
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I vote for Sharp Dressed Man and then you can call him ZeeZee I love the kitten, what a gorgeous boy!!!
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Oh he is such a keeper! You have such gorgeous kitties!
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