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probiotics anyone?

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Does anyone give their cats a probiotic on a regular basis and what are the benefits? What kind do you give?
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I don't know if it's a probiotic or not, but I give my girls Missing Link (prescription formula). I've seen a noticeable change in the appearance of their coats for one thing.
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I use a combo prebiotic/probiotic/digestive enzyme product (Eagle Pack Holistic Solution) on a regular basis. I give it to Coco because she has chronic loose stools otherwise. I give it to Toby for preventative purposes. I didn't notice any difference in Toby after starting to give it to him. With Coco, her energy level went through the ceiling. That makes sense because with the loose stools she wasn't getting full nutritional benefit from her food.

I don't give it to Jeta or Zara because they eat raw food so don't need a digestive supplement.
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The owner of In Clover came to Seattle and gave us (a MudBay employee at the time) a presentation on her product, OptaGest

The science behind it makes sense.
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Originally Posted by FuzMugly View Post
The owner of In Clover came to Seattle and gave us (a MudBay employee at the time) a presentation on her product, OptaGest

The science behind it makes sense.
This isn't a probiotic although it does contain a prebiotic. My IBD cat can't tolerate FOS as it gives her terrible gas. I know it does in many human IBD cases as well.

I give my IBD kitty two kinds of probiotics on a daily basis. They are the only thing that has resolved her diarrhea and I believe they help reduce inflammation in the GI tract as well. I use:

1. Solaray Multidophilus 12 - High strain, high count that includes bifidus known to help with IBD symptoms
2. Primadophilus Reuteri - Reuteri is believe to be the most colonizing probiotic in humans and is known to eliminate nausea in both humans and cats
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I give mine PB8 at the moment but it doesn't seem to be enough for Lani to keep the clostridium under control so we are going to give her Benebac 2-3 x week in addition until we come up with something better. They have also taken Metagenics Dairy Free with FOS which is supposed to be good for fighting Clostridium but I didn't see a difference, although it didn't seem to cause gas.
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I'm trying to figure out if a Poe/prebiotic can help with Luxors vomiting/verping. We have tried loads of food things and we think his issues are GI related.
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I use Eagle Pack Holistic Solution, too. Initially Tomas had loose stools and gas that diet change, antibiotics and treatments for parasites/protozoa didn't help. So I tried the probiotic and digestive aid. Most of his gas and his loose stool went away (he still occasionally lets out a stinky fart). I don't use it as often now, but will add it to the wet food if I notice Tomas getting a little stinkier than usual. So far that has worked.

A probiotic may not cure Luxor, but it shouldn't hurt if you want to try it.
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