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Update on Sugar

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Sugar just presented us with five beautiful babies, 3 girls, 2 boys. 2 have bobtails and 3 are long tailed. 3 are polydactyl...what a cool litter

Once everyone is settled I'll sneak in and get some pics, right now they are all resting and nursing.

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Congrats I can not wait to see pics.
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Congratulations on the new babies!!!!! You must post pictures asap I can't wait to see them!
Lots of vibes for mommy and babies!!
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I do have one question.Sugar left some of the umilicals pretty long, should I just leave them or make them shorter with sharp scissors. (I'm in health care I have good scissors) I don't want to stress anyone out too much and the last time I was around newborn kittens I was......ummm....7 maybe. I just want everyone healthy and happy.

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IMO: Just leav them, and nature will take care of it.... You can risk an infection by cutting anymore than she already did... It will dry up and fall anyways...
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thanks...that was my instinct, just wanted to make sure.
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I would just leave them.
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Okay, we sneaked in a got a picture. Only 4 are totall visible the 5th one is kinda in Sugar's armpit.

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Wow! What a beautiful variety. I see one that looks like sugar
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You got the variety pack. They are so tiny. Congratulations
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY View Post
Wow! What a beautiful variety. I see one that looks like sugar
The one that kinda looks like Sugar is actually a really dark tiger stripe, the lighting was not great in the closet.

I like the idea of a variety pack, with all the different tails and extra's a really cool litter.
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Beautiful babies ... and they look nice and healthy! Congrats to you and Sugar!
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oh my goodness!! they are all so cute!and wow!so many different colrs and sized tails
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