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Cabinet banging, pulls books off shelf, etc

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One of my two cats has the following annoying habits, that happen nearly every evening:

She bangs kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors
Pulls books off of the book shelf
Paws at magazines or paper if its on the floor
If I have a box out, full of stuff to go out, she'll paw at the box, which makes a loud noise.
Sits in the kitchen meowing

The food dish is full, there is fresh water in the bowl, cat box is clean...

What is with the daily neurotic behavior?? As soon as I get up to go see what's she wants, she runs off into the bedroom. She's almost 2 years old.

This has gone on for well over a year, no matter what I do, she's driving me crazy!!!

Thank you in advance for any ideas, help and suggestions!

Also, she wakes me up anywhere from 3am to 6 am, every day, even though the food dish is full, and heaven help me if it isn't. How can I break her of this? My other cat is as patient as can be. As soon as I stir, closer to 6 am, then he will make his presense known, but the Diva will make as much noise by banging, scratching, walking across me, etc until I get up.
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Hi! You're kitty isn't neurotic. She's hunting. Cats are naturally active at the times you mention she's the most curious/playful. The good news is not only is it normal, but their activity usually decreases around the age of two so maybe she'll be mellowing out some soon.

Try playing with her in the evenings when she's naturally the most active. Let her blow off some steam and see if she doesn't settle down some at bedtime. For the morning feeding, how about an auto-feeder?
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Thank you for the suggestion. Whenever she starts the cabinet banging, etc. I've played with her for about 20-30 minutes until she gets tired of it and now she is on the cat tree sleeping!!

On the auto-feeder...it doesn't seem to matter if there is food in the bowl or not, she doesn't stop until I get up. Maybe she knows I need to get up to go to work!! LOL!

Thanks again!
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Lol, I know the feeling. She really will stop as she ages. It's annoying when they're young. Friday used to pull my eyelids open. He'd use claws if necessary. Now he wouldn't dream of getting up before me. He'll cuddle as long as I'm in bed!
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