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Cat Jealousy

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Do anyone else's cats get jealous of each other? My big cat is pretty mellow and doesn't notice much of anything going on around her, but my little cat is SUCH a little prima donna. If I'm petting the big one- or snuggling with my partner- she'll meow or very deliberately walk up to me and brush her tail over me until I pay attention to her. Of course, once she gets the attention, she promptly ignores me until I pay attention to someone else again
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Two of mine are definitely jealous. If I'm brushing or petting one of them, the other shows up and suddenly gets very interested in what I'm doing, sometimes to the point of trying to get in between me and the other cat!

I think I read somewhere that when this happens, you should just ignore the interloper, so I try to do that, but I'm not always successful! At this very moment, for example, I'm petting two cats (in between typing, of course). They are worse than little kids!
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That's one of the reasons I can't get a friend for Zane. He HATES other cats.
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Annie does that. She HATES it if any other animals are around me and if I'm snuggling with my fiance on the couch, she come and rub up against him until he moves away. Apparently shes a one woman cat! Lol
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Depends on the day, but I have noticed that when Isaac is feeling like he hasn't been getting enough attention he will sit on top of me while I sleep & chase all the other cats off the bed. When that happens I wait until the next day (hoping he doesn't make the connection & start doing it all the time) and pay extra attention to him.
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