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Isolated Cat Pee Pee accident ?

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Hello Everyone,

I have a question. While I was cleaning yesterday, I discovered the delightfull smell of cat urine coming from a couch cushion. Now, this was in a room that we don't use very often, but it is adjacent to the room the cat boxes are in. I estimate the pee pee accident was old, not something too recent.

Two weeks ago, one of my cats, Gus, had an upper respiratory infection and was on antibotics. A side effect was that we got diarrhea for a few days. Is it possible that a cat would have a pee pee accident from this? My cats are very good about using their boxes. I've never had a problem, until now.

Any Advice ?

Oh...and here is today's special moment.
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It was more probable that your cat was stressed. When a cat pees on a familar object that your scent is on, the cat does this to calm down. The combination of scents destresses, the cat. To be safe, you should watch this cat for a few days to be sure that the litterbox is being used, and he isn't peeing in small amounts a bunch of times (a sure sign of a UTI) If you see this symptom in Gus then take him to the vet immediately, so he can be treated.

I am also going to move this to the Behavior Forum for you where it belongs.
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Hey, my kittens were fine with going to the litter tray,no accidents, then when they had a repiratory infection i found they too started having accidnets here and there.
Now though they're fine and are back to their clean selves. Think it's just they were feeling a bit under the weather with it
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