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Looking for contacts in the US

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Ms. Rivi Mayer, the director of the CWSI (the Cat Welfare Society of Israel where I work and volunteer) will be travelling to the US in July. She will be spending about a week on the east coast and then fly to an animal rescue convention in St. Louis. She will be travelling with representatives of the largest no-kill animal society - Let Animals Live.

We are looking for contacts that will help Rivi with fundraising efforts. What we currently have in mind is people who can help with setting up fundraising events (dinners?) where Rivi can attend and tell people about the CWSI. Any other ideas are also welcome!

So, if you know anyone involved in animal welfare or people who can help - please email me or PM me.

Thanks for any help in the name of the cats
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I want to bump this,

I was conducting my own little search for frineds that can help... Since I will be in the Boston area starting June 17th (and in Maryland and Philly on August), I can assist in organizing small fundraisers or presentation evenings. Just say the word!

We really need your help, people!

We want to spread the word - our cats need help, and this is an amazing chance to meet the heart and soul of The Cat's Welfare Society of Israel!
Without Rivi Mayer, the shape of Israel's cats - would me so much worst than now! and still - most of the work is ahead of us, and we can use friends like yourselves to get this thing going!

Rivi asked me especially for people or contacts in:

Let's do something together for the cats! Missouri (especially the St. Louise area), Maryland - Washington, PA - Philly, Boston and New England in General
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What part of the east coast will she be visiting? It's a REALLY big coast

Thanks, Ginger

If she wants to come to Florida, I may have a contact name for you.
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Ginger, she will be in the states in July 20th thru August 4th. They will be in NY first, then Washington DC then to the CHAMP conference in St. Louis. Rivi is more than happy to meet with anyone who can help them that is in the vicinity where she will be.
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bumping this for Anne...!
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Is there anyone here fomr Philly who can help?
Or Washington?
Or St. Louise, MI?

Or anywhere else in these areas that can help?
Boston area?

This is so very important to the CWSI, and all the cats that were saved by it, and we really need your help!

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