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Is Elmo wacko? Or totally normal?

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Just wondering if anyone else has kittens that have 5-minute periods of total craziness? They seem to hit from nowhere, and Elmo goes rocketing off down the hall, scratches at the wall, thunders into the living room, over the coffee table, on to the sofa, stops for a second and looks like something snuck up on him and bit him in the behind, then off he goes again, into the kitchen, hall, bathroom, then bounces downstairs. Often he'll start calling, as though he's suddenly lost. Then the white furball comes charging upstairs again... Anything that gets in his way during these periods is fair game as far as he's concerned!

Sound normal? Or should I call in a new-age healer?
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Sounds totally normal to me... I have 2 that do this in the middle of the night, and early mornings too...we call it chasing the invisible mouse..
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Mine do it too. Complete Wackiness at least once a night. I think it is cute, annoying while sleeping, but otherwise cute .
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LOL tth20, my 2 kittens do that, but i love it!!!
I think i actively encourage my little furballs to go a bit loopy sometimes
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If they didn't get the crazies at least once every 24 hours, I would suspect something was wrong with my cats! It's best if it happens when the humans are awake, otherwise getting run over by a herd of stampeding cats at 4 AM is quite an unpleasant and disturbing experience!
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I've never had a kitten that didn't go through periods of total insanity-it's like they're possessed. It's so funny to watch, you wonder what goes on in their little kitty brains. Sounds normal to me!
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If this is wacko - I guess all cats are wacko!!!

mien tend to do it inthe middle of the night as well...
sounds so funny though!
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Normally - wacky!
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PS; My Loki is three and he still does it - but maybe that is because he is a Bengal

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Yea, kitten Isis does the same. Runs, rolls, pounces, and then leaps onto something to pounce anything that happens to be in her way. What the world looks to her eyes would be a fascinating treat to know. My two year old cat Mischief also does it - but she's confused about her own reflection.
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my cat mickey is normally a calm cat but sometimes he just goes weird and he will be sitting there quietly then suddenly turn around and attack charli which then starts them off chasing each other back and forth through the house at full speed! its so funny to watch them!
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Hee Hee! I love all these stories about kitty / cat romping time. LOL! Aren't they a blast to watch when they are wild like that? And each one seems to play just a little differently. Both my cats have a tendecy to scream when romping. Ashke likes to go into the bathroom where he can get a cool echo/stereo sound for his meowing. Often times Aiden will chase Ashke into the bedroom and then suddenly Ashke is chasing him back out again! They sound like a heard of horses running around sometimes! LOL! Last summer when Aiden was still a kitten, he loved to run up to the window with the AC in it, get up on the chair and put his front paws on the window sill. Then he would put his face in front of the vents and close his eyes and lay his ears flat against his head. He'd do this for about 5 seconds then take off as fast as he could. It was a riot to watch!! LOL!
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