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Very sick cat....need advice

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I rescued a cat at the beginning of December 0f 2008. This cat was dumped and left for dead.She was covered in diarrhea and was nothing but a skeleton. Everyone said to put her down but I wanted to try and help her. I thought at first it was a bad case of neglect and cruelty but I have discovered it is far worse than is a medical problem. I have been battling her declining health ever since.

In December of 2008 she weighed 4 pounds 7 ounces. In January 2009 she weighs about the same.She is an older( over 10 yrs most def.) girl. She literally is a walking skeleton. This cat has something very wrong with her.

My vet says she thinks the cat has IBD. Inflammatory Bowl Disease but she cant diagnose it because that means she would have to biopsy her intestines but she doesn't think she would live through the surgery. The cat takes a predinizone pill every evening and I was also putting Pancreotic powder in her food as well but the problem is getting this poor cat to EAT! SHE will not eat!! The vet also thinks that her intestines are not absorbing the nutrients from the food that the cat does eat.

I have been doing many things for this cat and have spent so much money and there has been NO improvements in 2 months. I am sick with guilt.....perhaps I should put the poor girl out of her misery. She is so can see every bone in her body and she is also uncoordinated when she walks and she sits in front of the heater vents constantly. She also doesnt seem to have alot of control of her urination. Se will urinate on towles and blankets daily and poop on the floor as well everyday. Her eyes look so sunken in.

I don't know what to do.....I have given her fluids many times and nutrical. she wont eat....she just licks the gravy but wont eat the actual canned food. She doesn't touch dry food at all. Anyone have any advice? I think it is time to stop trying and just do what I know deep down is best. Is there anything else I can try?

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I think perhaps she herself is telling you what to do--none of us can make that decision for you.

But know in your heart that if you choose to send her to the bridge that she will remember all you did for her in her final days and the love you gave her.

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Did the vet check her teeth or do any blood work? Poor baby. When you say you're giving her fluids, do you mean by syringe, or IV? Are you just letting her eat what she wants, or have you tried force feeding her? Sometimes you just have to "make" them eat.

Many eat something going out for the baby....
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Are you doing sub q's?
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Sometimes cats can get upset tummies from oral medications - especially if there isn't much in their belly - I'm not sure if prednisone is one of the ones likely to cause tummy troubles... Could she have an infection that is causing her to not eat? If your vet thinks this could be it, I would suggest asking your vet to give a shot of antibiotics (not oral). That worked for my little guy. The shot was called Convenia - it's a one-time shot (cost about $30). My kitty was suffering from viral feline herpes and a bacterial infection when I got him several weeks ago. Your little girl sounds like she may be going through the same thing my little guy went through. He would not eat either. I tried EVERYTHING to get him to eat and he wouldn't. I took him into the vet pretty much everyday so that he could get the IV of fluids under his skin. Also force fed lysine, nutrical, and any food I could get into his little mouth. I could tell he wasn't getting better and really needed to eat on his own. He got the Convenia and it did its magic and he is eating on his own. He was on oral antibiotics before the Convenia but still refused to eat (most likely it wasn't strong enough and also irritated his little belly). Of course that took away the bacterial infection and now the herpes is manageable.

I'm not a vet, so can't say for sure what your cat has, but I really really hope she gets better!!!

If you are force feeding with a syringe, be careful to not point the syringe at the back of her throat as she could choke. Also make sure she can swallow easily (she needs to be upright, not on her back).

Please keep us updated on her!
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There is a product that a shelter owner told me she used to get sick cats to eat. I don't know if they still make it but the vet may know of a similar product. It's called "Rebound" . It is a liquid meal replacement for cats. Like "Ensure" for humans.

Did he check her thyroid levels? I applaud you for caring for her. She has known love.
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I don't have any advice but wanted to wish you luck with any decision you make.
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I would get a 2nd opinion from another vet
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Bless you for helping her

I agree with Jack31. Two months is a long time with no improvement and maybe she is trying to tell you something

It`s a decision only you can make but you will know you have done your very best for her
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I can offer no advice I am very sorry your kitty is sick.It was a wonderful thing of you to do when you rescued him.Good luck on making a decision you can live with.
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Lamb baby food on your finger dangling there right in front of her. Dab a little on her chin first. Feed small amounts multiple times per day until digestion improves.

I am just nursing my feral Coby back to health after severe case of Rhino. He was down below 5 pounds. He would not let me force feed him with a syringe. Also pee-d all over his bedding, rather than bother with the litterbox. He is doing remarkably better after several weeks of repeated small feedings.
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[quote=Dan32;2556611]Lamb baby food on your finger dangling there right in front of her. Dab a little on her chin first. Feed small amounts multiple times per day until digestion improves.

I am just nursing my feral Coby back to health after severe case of Rhino.

I have a sick kitty too! He has a URI and bad sore throat. He is on oral anitbiotic and some nose gentimicin for his sneezing as of today. BUT his throat is so sore that he won't drink or eat anything ALL day!!! I know it's his throat cuz he swallows like a turtle. Like I do when I have strep throat!! LOL

I will try this baby food trick tomorrow, just don't have any handy tonight, as my youngest is 13 yrs

With this an the tuna water idea, I think he might have a chance..

How is Coby now??
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Awwwww, the poor baby

I am sending many healing vibes.

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