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do you discipline your cats?

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Well, the reason I am asking is because when we first got Rocky back in November, he was only 5 months old, well he was frisky as most kittens are...we gave him a few nights to get comfortable with us before we actually started on the discipline area,.after a little over a week, he loved to come and lay in bed with us at night, but he of course never stayed asleep..eventually he would pounce on our feet, heads, whatver moved, it got pounced on
anyway, he would get to playing very rough and bit hard too....well, when he did this, we would pick him by the neck like the momma carries her babies and hiss at him...I read this is very effective because this is what the momma cat does with her babies when they are acting up...I read this in an article, but it had alot of effect...after a few nights of him doing this he stopped...
My plot to my story is I am having a hard time discipling Fluffy and she is by far worse than he was...I guess it is because she is a girl, and I feel like it would scare her.....let me tell you, this never scared Rocky at all..he would turn around and just walk the other way like he knew he was in trouble.....what ways do you discipline your cats/kittens? have you all used this method? I just want her behave when she is acting up..I know a little blow in the face is effective, a squirt with water is too, but I never have that on hand all the time..
What methods to you use?. or do you discipline them at all? Thanks for any info..I am feeling guilty because she is getting away with stuff that Rocky never got away with, but the guilt also comes from by me not giving her the discipline she needs....thanks for any advice or info....
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I usually just hiss and say NO. If they are biting or clawing too hard it is a high pitched meow or kitten squeek.
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I must admit..... i really can't say no to my kittys for anything they do!
I think most kittens go through the biting and playing rough stage when they're young. My husband blows in their face and tries to stop them, but i just move my hand away. I find they still actually play bite him rather than me
All my cats have gotten out of the biting stage as they grew up, and never relly needed to discipline them for anything else. Guess i'm either really lucky or a complete walk over
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I can't really say that I discipline JC. I used a water pistol to train him not to jump up on the stove and kitchen sink when we was a kitten, and otherwise just said "No!". He 's well-behaved, but of course we don't have any taboos other than the sink and stove, since they're potentially dangerous (hot pots may be on /in them).
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Discipline and cats do not go together. Spray bottles and water guns can cause more problems then they create. When my cats are misbehaving, I take the offender and gently lay him on his back on the floor, restraining him with a gentle pressure only, and only for 3 seconds. I tell him one time NO and release. I scruff his neck in that three seconds, but since he is flat on the floor anyway, there is not damage to him, and again, this is all done gently with no force. Yes he struggles, but as it is only 3 seconds once he scoots away, all is forgiven.

You also have to allow them to be kittens, and kittens are in the process of learning, they pounce, they play, the bite, they scratch. You have to interrupt their behavior with sound to startle them out of doing whatever they do. Instead of squirting the cat, try squirting in another direction, towards a potted plant maybe? That will send any cat running to investigate the noise. I read a short, true story recently about a kitten that kept swiping make-up sponges, soaking them in the dog bowl and pelting the dog with wet missles from up on top of her cat post! LOL Kittens are a kick, and you have to let them be a kitten, interpet why they are acting the way they are and go from there.
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When I first got Niko and Mischief I disciplined with water because that was what had been recommended. Did it accomplish anything? Nothing except that Niko is afraid of water now, more so then Mischief ever will be. So now when they do something I clap my hands loudly and say "No!" and that seems to get them moving.
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If I get scratched or bitten, I scream like they are killing me, and they stop immediately. The water bottle has been effective in some cases, but usually I just end up with a wet cat in my lap. Fred and Pearl are pretty well behaved, Georgia is a brat. I hold her by the scruff when she is really bad, and say "NO" very sternly. I can stare them down of necessary. A gentle squeeze of the head works sometimes, too. Oh, did I mention they usually just do what they want?
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I gently but firmly say NO! Rascal had a bad habit of going on the counters. When he was up there, I took him down, and did what Hissy does. He hardly ever goes up there now, and when he does, I say NO and he gets down!
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I hiss or i roll them over on there back. That way they know i'm the alpha cat! I was just hisses at marble because he was biting me!
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I usually clap my hands and say No! loudly. (cats on counters by food etc.) I'm going to try the screaming thing or blowing in the face of my new kitten when he bites. (as suggested in my thread about Oliver biting fingers) But I don't have to discipline my cats that often because they are such perfect little angels. (LOL)
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TeeHee--When I blow at Spike, or TRY to stare him down--he jumps up at HITS me!!! --ARRRGGGGHHH He is such a little bratcat!
I accidentally, a week ago, hit upon hissing at him. WHOA!! Did THAT make him stop in his tracks!!! -- So, he has been a little angel since (NOT!) ....Well, I'm not above hissing 20 times a day!!! haha
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Venus is heaven-sent! She gives me ZERO aggravation. She even behaves really when when i bathe her.

Daisy is very docile. She is more laid back. Very sweet in temperament, she gives me no problem also.

Sea, my foster kitty, bites and scratches quite a bit. i think she was abused before. i just give a firm, big "no." and ignore her a little. Afterwards, it is back to normal.

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As far as kittens' biting or scratching goes, I just say "Owwwwh", and then ignore them. That seems to do the trick. With JC we found that after he was squirted with the water pistol a few times, all we had to do was ostentatiously pick up a water pistol if he jumped up on the stove or sink, say "no", and he got right down. One water pistol (empty, of course) has been sitting on the drainboard as a reminder for almost 3 1/2 years. He now jumps up on the windowsill to see what I'm doing at the sink or stove, but even if I'm opening a can of tuna he stays put, and I've seen him eyeing the water pistol. The funny thing is that he doesn't mind getting wet - he slops in water (we have a little pond, which he can hang around under supervision) all the time, and insists on his daily walk even if it's pouring.
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