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Remedies for Dry Skin?

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Hi guys. I'm back yet again. My 12 or so year old Male Persian (long hair) had a couple of small scabs on his right shoulder a few months ago when the weather started getting cold. I shaved his shoulder and within a week they went away. I recently (two weeks ago) noticed him chewing and scratching on his front legs and chest, so I gave him a bath in Dermal-Soothe Anti-Itch Shampoo from the vet. Didn't help a whit. He continued chewing and biting, so last night I shaved his chest and front legs down to above the paws. He has a few small bumps/scabs but they are not bleeding. We have not changed anything in the house, I don't believe it's allergies. I was wondering if it could be dry skin (It's dry in the house, but I have a humidifier running 24/7) His fur is not matted, I keep him brushed. Are there any home-remedies or safe things I can try if they do not clear up in a week (like last time)?
Booboo Thanks you!
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when was the last senior blood panel done??

What brand and type of food are you feeding??
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possibly some omega 6's, which is found in fat. Omega 3's, fish body oil, would imo help also.
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I wouldn't supplement with Omega 6, only Omega 3. There's plenty of 6 in most foods already and to overdo the 6 would cause more skin issues + inflammation.

However, the chewing, biting, and itching suggests to me that it's more than just dry skin.
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More specifically the omega 6 Linoleic acid (LA)18:2. The omega 6 Arachidonic acid (AA) 20:4 will cause more problems. A 100 grams of chicken fat has 19.5 grams of LA and 0.1 gram of AA.
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No, no senior blood panel. I will ask about it at our next nail trim and rear shave. He eats only Hill's Prescription C/D dry and wet, for about three or four years now. He's done great on it, I don't think it's the food. This morning he is chewing less on the areas I shaved. I haven't seen him scratch or bite yet. The spots come and go. He doesn't have them during the summer, but of course we usually shave him in the summer.
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I'd be willing to bet that the quality of food is playing a role--hills is packed full of grains which could cause an allergy and make for a bad coat in general. I'll assume you're feeding c/d for urinary health? have you considered just switching to an all wet diet, of a higher quality food?

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I'd have a talk with the vet before switching from any prescription food that's been working for a particular condition, and ask about supplement and possible interactions. If nothing else, the vet should have it in the records in case the health undergoes any changes, plus or minus, after the diet change, just like a human doctor likes to know when anyone starts any supplements or herbs or whatever. For me, would be time for a senior panel if he hasn't had one recently, given his age.

How's your own skin - I know my skin is dry due to the very cold weather we've had this year, and I also have a full house humidifier. Knock wood, my kitties seem fine and I have them on Nutro wet and dry.
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Yeah, my skin has been horribly dry, even with the humidifier on. I am thinking it's not working as well as I think it is. I'm itchy all over. I will be taking him in tomorrow and will consult with the Vet about all this. Thank you for your help guys.
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