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Question about my kittens...

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I have 5 little angels now, and I'm having a little trouble. They all seem to know how to walk around... and the problem is that their pooping all over the place. I don't know how to stop it! I've tried sitting in the same room as them so that way when they do decided to poop I can put them in the litter box, but now, I've had to was my blankets and pillowcases 5 times now!

Anyone? help?

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I'm sure you will get many very good answers to this question, but I know that you need to tell us how old the kittens are, and whether the momma cat is with them. If she is, then she will teach them all about litter habits. If she is not, then the experts on the board will explain what you need to do to teach them. If they are just learning how to walk, I think they are a little young to be expected to use the litter box on their own yet.
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Thought I'd bump this up for you.
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My questions would be- how old are they? Where is mom? What are you feeding them? Are their eyes open? Where is the litterbox? How close to the kittens (I am assuming) is it? Is the litterbox to high for the kittens to climb up and over? You can always cut a doorway in the side of the box to help them get in and out. What type of litter are you using?
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