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How to tell if she is close

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I am not sure when Flower got pregnant so i am not sure how far along she is or if there really is any way of telling,what is the last sign that i would notice,Like right now she is really large,has no fur around her nipples and she loves laying on her back and me softly petting her tummy.Are these any signs it could be close?I go for surgery in 14 days and i was hoping it would happen either before or after i get home.
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Just before Salem delivered, she got really loving and wouldn't leave my side. She also started looking around for a place to have the babies, so I brought her into the room I set up for her to have them, and stayed with her till she had delivered them all.

It sounds as if your momma kitty is on her way, if she's getting all friendly. Good luck!
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Her tummy should get really hard when she's just about to have them. If you haven't already you need to get her into a quiet room with a box or bed so she can have the kittens away from the other cats and in peace. Like a human, she'll have contractions and will generally have the first kitten within 30 minutes of contractions. A good sign she's going to have the kittens within the next week is if her "milk has come in" - you should be able to feel her milk bags. Within 48 hours you can normally see her back twitching and she will probably be quite uncomfortable as the kittens align themselves inside.

Also if you haven't already let your vet know she's having babies [he probably already knows because of her ears], incase you need a c-section at an ungodly hour, if he/she isn't an emergency vet - keep a number of one close by.

Good luck Flower.
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Well i think i am fully prepared for any situation with her,i already have an area for her but i want to wait for more sure signs that this will be happening soon.
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Ok sounds good. Keep us posted!

With my girls they don't get any friendlier and they usually go off their food.
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Tomorrow i am going to start Flower on kitten food(it was the soonest i could get to buy some) is there any harm starting her earlier i know it usually is about 2 weeks before birth,but just in case it is more.
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Did you mean is there any harm in feeding her kitten food before 2 weeks before the birth? [What a confusing Q] - if that was the case then no, it is never too early
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sorry about the confusing question it was worded wrong...More or less i found out the answer anyway.
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No it was my wording that was confusing. Don't worry!

on the kitten food
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I really think flower is close(maybe next week at the most)She is beyond affectionate,loves showing off her belly too me I am just so confused by her..The last pregnant cat i had in my home had sure signs but she seems all over with them,grrr i hope it is before the 17th(as i go into the hospital for back surgery).
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Has her milk come in? That's a sure sign she'll have them within a week. I hope she's had them by then too!
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I am not sure if her milk has come in,would her nipples look different?
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When you pick her up you would feel big hard lumps around her nipples -
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Well Flower is officially being annoying she follows me everywhere sleeps right beside me in bed(which normally i have no problems with)but she is head bunting me constantly,no signs of milk yet though
I am not sleeping well because i do not want to miss it if she gives birth.
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Do you have an alarm you can set for every 2 hours? This is what I do when one of my girls is due to have babies and then I sleep in between
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Lol no iam not setting the alarm every 2 hours,I am night shift worker so i am used to being awake all hours of the night.
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u get exxxtra loving from her...that's a sign....
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It is officially 4:45am and i am awake...i really thought it was going to happen through out the night but so far nothing.
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Updated belly pics

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Wow, she looks huge! I am going to guess she's going to have a large litter. I had a litter of 8 kittens this summer and my cat was monstrous! I hope you have a safe delivery with her. I love babies and can't wait for my next batch of Devons, but my Bonnie isn't pregnant and not in heat so we're good for a while LOL.

Is this her first litter?
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I really do not know if it is,when i took her in she was pregnant.She looks young so it maybe.Flower is huge right now and looking very uncomfortable,I am still hoping she delivers before i go into the hospital if not wait until i get home.
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Well it is Feb 23 Flower is huge I really thought she was going to have her kittens while i was in the hospital(hehe i am glad she waited).I hope this happens soon.
Ohh and my update as soon of you may know i had surgery on the 17th and i am already home my surgeon said i was a natural healer It will be a long recovery but i would rather do it at home with my animals then hospital.
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I am glad to hear you surgery went well. Flower looks like she will burst. poor baby. for you and Flower
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I can tell Flower is really uncomfortable she moves alot while sleeping,she can not sit properly i feel so bad for her.
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I've been watching this thread for a bit becaue your cat seems to be as far along as my cat. I'm glad to see you're back and all went well. Please keep us updated on Flower's condition!
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WOW Flower hasn't had her babies yet - it must be soon!
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I've been following this thread as well....I have dealt with only 2 pregnant cats in my life....and both times when the day came they wouldn't leave my side....One was sitting on me and her water broke...THEN I knew for sure ...it was time
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Flower is really uncomfortable and very antsy,she will fall asleep in one area then sleep about 15 or so minutes then move to another area then sleep for a short time again.hopefully soon.....
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Have those babie Flower
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This is my first time. I adopted Ruckie in January from a couple and I realized she was pregnant about a week later when she started getting "fat". I have no idea how far along she is, but I can feel a huge kitten if I lay my hand on her tummy, and I can see them moving around. She sleeps all the time, but seems uncomfortable today. My guess is she has about a week left.

C'mon, Flower!! You can do it!
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