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Any thoughts on how this could happen?

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We have a 9 month old female why was fixed 2 weeks ago. At the same time, she had the whole slew of vaccinations... Rabies, distemper, etc.

When she was brought home, she was wearing a cone. we noticed that she had a wet spot on the fur on her side, about midway back and a an inch or so up the side from her underside. We knew she couldn't have licked there because of the cone and we thought is was vaseline or something else that got on her at the vets.

About 3 days later, we noticed a bump in that spot but thought maybe she had gotten snagged or bitten by our other cat (who is a piece of work). Didn't think anything of it until I noticed it was still there almost a week later. I took a good look at it and it looked similar to the abscesses I've seen in the past when cats get a little too rambunctious. She didn't seem to be in much pain. She had worn the collar for about 10 days so she was never able to get at that spot to clean it or aggravate it.

On Sunday, she became very lethargic and you could tell she was in severe pain from her walk and the fact that she would spit and hiss if you even looked at her.

we took her to the vet yesterday and they examined her and shaved the area. Good lord, everyone was shocked to find not a small dime sized abscess, but a very large burn of some sort. What we thought was an abscess was only the very bottom portion of the entire wound and where the wet spot was when we brought her home. Here's a picture:

It looks shiny because of the salve we put on it. Without the salve, it is a very dry looking wound.

When looking at it closely, there is a red rim around the entire wound that looks just like a burn. The white area in the center is not an open wound but just her skin which while sore, is a bit translucent but doesn't look that bad. The very bottom is the only part we knew about and has scabbed up but was previously open, looking similar to an abscess.

At the vet, they said they thought it was a chemical burn of some sort, weren't sure really WHAT it was, had all the Dr's look at it and had no clue on how it could have happened. They gave us antibiotics and salve to put on it. She feels much better today and is playful but still sore.

We've racked our brains on this. We have no chemicals that she could have gotten into or on her anywhere in the house and she doesn't go outside at all. Obviously, it wasn't a heat burn as none of her hair was singed and in fact, she had lost no hair anywhere but where the abscess (as we thought) was.

So the question remains, what the hell happened to my cat and what the hell is this?

The only thing I can figure is that one of the vaccinations they gave her was given incorrectly into the skin, rather than under it, or that this is a very bad reaction to the vaccination itself.

Any thoughts, comments or solutions would be VERY welcome, Thanks!

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I would say its from a shot.
My lucy died because of a shot and it looked like that but was way smaller.
In fact my new kitten has a contract saying what shot she can not have.
You need to find out what shot was given there.
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Oh my that looks terrible ...I sure hope it heals up fast...I wouldn't be to happy sounds like it happened in the vets care tho doesn't it ?...Did they not give her some antibotics ? I'd be getting some...did they do bloodwork ?.Why did she have a E collar on for 10 days ? My Molly was fixed last Thursday and they didn't even mention a collar...I guess some cats lick the area....Molly licked her scar very little the first night....Anyways...I sure hope she starts feeling better soon
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Boy - I would MARCH right back to that vet's office and insist they take care of this - especially if the injury happened in their care or was caused by a reaction to an injection ...
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OMG poor kitty That looks so painful. I have no idea what caused this. Healing
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That looks very scary! I have no idea, but please keep us updated with how she is doing...
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Oh that poor baby!

I don't know how I'd handle it if I were in your situation, but I'd be inclined to fault the vet for this if it showed up right after the surgery. Lots of healing
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Well, she's doing ok... friendly again, playful and looking lively.. still sore as hell though.

I'm not all that familiar with the cat forums on the internet but I'd like to put this post up in a few other places because I really want to know if anyone has seen this before... can anyone recommend one that deals with cat health problems along this line?

When my wife took Kikoo to the vet yesterday, they didn't charge her for the visit but they did charge her for the antibiotics and salve.

Personally, I would have gotten pretty pissed had I been there when they uncovered this. This isn't anything that happened at our home. But unless someone can see this and say, yup, I've seen it before and it's caused by xxxx, then I can't really blame anyone and demand much.

Obviously, if this is an allergic reaction to a vaccination, I can't fault the vet. But if the vaccination wasn't administered properly and it caused this, I WILL be pissed and will be demanding that they pay for everything to fix her up. It all depends on how the vet handles this. I am understanding until someone tries to duck responsibility or lies to me. At that point, I'll dispute the charges on our card for ALL the work they did...

But that's just

Thanks for all your concern...and help
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Yea it's hard to blame the vet when you don't know specifically what caused this. I hope you are successful in finding what caused it...
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