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Ally at 10 weeks (photo)

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Here is Ally at now 9-10 weeks, a month after finding her.

I'm amazed at how her eyes have healed. When I first found her she had a bad eye infection in both eyes and corneal scarring on the right eye in the photo. 12 hours or so after finding her she couldn't open either eye as they were both covered in pus and she went off to the emergency vet. Now, it's almost 100% healed. It's amazing how resilient she is. If I could heal like she does, how great that would be. lol

I got her a tag printed up just in case. She has started to become curious about the outside and when I go outside she follows and eventually starts wandering around. Just in case she gets out of sight, I had a tag printed up with her name and my cell phone number (edited out of the photo) for safety. The collar is mainly for the bell so I can hear if she's in a room or not (it makes finding her easier when she plays hide and seek).

Edited to add: I forgot to mention, this photo was taken today (Feb 3, 2009) at about 8 AM on my bed. She woke me up at 4:30 AM to tell me she wanted to play. Fortunately, I had gone to sleep early last night so it wasn't a problem. We played... then she had some breakfast... then we watched TV.... and then when the sun was nice and up I decided to take a picture to keep pics of her growing up.
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Aww, she is a cutie!

While she is young it would be a good time to get her used to a harness and leash so you can go out together. Those 4 little legs can run pretty fast!
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Uuuuhhhhhh!!!! (passing out from cuteness overload)

What a little dolly! Beautiful eyes, too! So glad that she's healed up. Harness training would be a good idea, then she could go bye-bye with you!
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She is so cute!!! The collar is very pretty. I didn't know little kittens wanted to go out, mine runs away at the sight of an open door and when I take him outside for a second he digs his nails into me...Maybe it's different if they are born outside.
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She has shown mixed feelings over the outdoors over the last month.

At first she seemed curious, looking through the glass doors..... then she was too scared (I think she regurgitated some bad memories of being abandoned out there).... all of a sudden she's shown interest again.
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Ally is so adorable!
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You should have put a cuteness warning on this!

She is beautiful
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She is such a cutie pie
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she is so cute
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You are doing a wonderful job with sweet Ally.
She is a little beauty.

Along with her ID tag, it is useful to have a microchip inserted by her vet.
It can make all the difference in the world if she becomes lost.
A kitty can slip out of a collar but the microchip should be permanent.

Be sure to update photos as Ally grows.
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What a cutie! Such huge eyes!
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Ally is a pretty little kitty!
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Oh, dear, that WAS a cuteness overdose!! What a sweetie, and how well she's doing!
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Such a little princess!
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She is a beauty!
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She's SO gorgeous. Beautiful picture quality too!
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Wow, she is just gorgeous! Her eyes are a beautiful shade of green!
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She's so cute with those big eyes of hers ! Good to hear she is doing well.
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Alley told me to tell you that Ally is awesome!
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Ally is beautiful You can see in her photo what a special little girl she is!!!!
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Ally is certainly a cutie.

Personally, I wouldn't let her outside at all, unless she is in some sort of enclosure. That is where she will be exposed to many dangers, including fleas, from which she can get many diseases and parasites. And if she gets in the habit of going out, she will be very insistent about wanting to go out more.

I know it seems cruel, but the modern domestic cat just doesn't have a niche in the natural ecology, and she will lose out every time to the man-made ecology, including cruel people, aggressive dogs, and 4,000 lb cars.
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Oh, she is just gorgeous - love her eyes, and her beautiful little collar. You took a wonderful photo. I'd get her chipped somewhere along the line - the cost is usually minimal, it's a really quick little procedure, and collars can come off. My indoor cats have collars, since not everyone would realize they're house cats if they sneak out, but they're both chipped as well. Umm, did you know they have kitty strollers if you ever want to take her for a walk? Yes, I have one, why do you ask?
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She is adorable, and her eyes look beautiful!!
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Beautiful Kitty! Great pic. Can we have more please?

Btw, where did you buy the cute tag/bell?
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She is a beauty, and has so much love in her eyes! Keeping a photo diary of her growing up is something you will always cherish! I will admit I must have a couple hundred pics of Maia growing up, and every time I look back they make me smile and laugh!
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She's adorable. And about the same age as my Aya-chan. Which reminds me I needs to take some pics. They get big so fast!
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She's such an adorable little darling!
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she's so pretty I adopted my first 2 cats while I was in law school, they make great study pals.
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what a sweetie. Please don't let her outside without a leash. It would be heartbreaking if she were to take off on you and get hit or something. I lost 3 cats to the roads many years ago and would never let mine out again....my current cats and alll the cats I've had since the 90s have been very content just being indoors, They love to bird watch and watch the world go by in the windows. I know there are differing opinions on this but I am very adamant about it.
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What a beautiful, beautiful baby
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