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my cats got spoiled today

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I went to Bosley's to pick out our new cat food (which I will tell about later...) and came home with all these new toys .
These are the bubbles from our new catnip bubble stuff!

I didn't think this stuff would work, but it does!! You just have to shake it up good beforehand and keep stirring in between blowing bubbles. I don't know how good the catnip effect is, but the bubbles sure are fun!
Roo was too afraid to participate.

And there is a large toy mouse around here somewhere's...oh don't tell me they've lost it already... oh well, it's just a big furry mouse. nothing special.

About the cat food...we got this stuff called "Wellness" and I looked at the ingredients and here's what it says:

1st ingredient: Deboned chicken
Chicken liver, Ground whole rice, ground whole oats, Canola oil, Real cranberries, Real blueberries, Flax seed, Garlic Whole apples, Steamed Zucchini, Sweet potato

No meat by-products, No rendered fats No White rice, No ethoxyquin, No corn, No cellulose, No pre-processed grains, No Safflower or sunflower oil, No chicken fat, No corn gluten meal, No digests, No artificial Preservatives, flavours, or colors.

I sure hope I got some good stuff. The lady seemed very knowledgable about what's good for cats...except about this one thing. She says sardines out of the can (packed with water) is good for your cats. I asked about the bones and she said that "it was good for them only when they are not cooked. The enzymes change and stuff when you cook their food. She said we should be feeding our cats chicken necks and stuff cause ,well, let's face it, they should be."

What do y'all think? I bought a can of sardines just in case you guys thought it would be alright, but if you she was talking crap, then of course I won't feed it to them. What's your IMO?
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My cats love bubbles too!
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Those are adorable pictures!!! I need to buy some of those bubbles for my babies too...about the sardines...someone else may have some info about that.....
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Tamme -

Cool toys .

As to the food question, it is my understanding that Wellness is one of the better cat foods on the market. So, I think you made a great choice. I am sure ther eis someone on here that uses it. Might want to check the Healthcare forums, there are a ton of threads on the food issue .
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Tamme - Those bubbles look like fun. I bet Tigger had a blast! Sounds like a great food to me, but I'm no expert by any means.
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I had some of that bubble stuff, the cats love it. Lotsa fun.
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What is life about if it's not spoiling our furbabies? My cats LOVE bubbles but I don't bring them out very often - I end up giggling so much at the kitty antics, I can't blow properly!!
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We tried that very bubble product for our kitties. They were scared of the bubbles, so we gave it away, LOL!

As to Wellness, it is one of the best foods on the market in terms of being "humane grade."

We have feral kitties, so unlike all the advice to switch diets slowly, when we brought them inside we just never fed them the same thing for a couple days straight. We went for the high-end foods: Wellness, Royal Canin, Felidae, Science Diet Nature's Best, etc., but we mixed up the dry ones, varying the amount of which one was "most" in the food. Wellness made all of them have very stinky duties... but maybe if it was all we fed them, that would have gone away as their systems adjusted to it. ????

None of that matters now, though, as Tuxedo is prone to bladder infections and calcium stones, so he is on a prescription diet, and we have to buy our food from the Vet. Because we free-feed them dry food, and they only get wet food once a day now (and they only drink the liquid, so it's really more of just a treat), they're all on the prescription diet.

Poor guys.

I'm sure your kitties will love the new food. It is very rich though, I think is what it is, and it may take a while for their tummies to adjust. Just make sure you make the switch slowly, mixing it in with what they ate before, and I'd take about a week to make the switch entirely, as opposed to the usually recommended 3 -4 days. Maybe that'll help prevent the stinkies!

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Sardines are VERY nutritious! I feed them to my cats once a week. They are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron and calcium. There is only one problem my cats have when they eat them, they have REALLY stinky poop!
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