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Switching Ally to Wellness brand food

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I bought a bag of Wellness brand kitten health (or maybe it was called kitten care) dry food yesterday and set up her feeder so that it has both her current food, Science Diet, and Wellness food fed to her in decreasing amounts of Science Diet and increasing amounts of Wellness brand. When she gets to the top 3rd of the 2lb feeder, it will be all Wellness brand. So I guess that will transition her slowly over a period of a month or so.

I also bought a few cans of the Wellness brand Kitten formula canned food. I'll feed her Wellness in the morning and Science Diet at night until Thursday night. Friday she will be eating all Wellness brand canned food.

She doesn't eat much canned food these days and mainly eats dry food, that's why I made the transition to dry slower than to wet. My dog has problems transitioning foods, he gets food allergies and stuff, so I'm trying to avoid having Ally go through any of that.

I did notice at Pet Supermarket at least, for kittens there is only 1 dry food and 1 wet food? No different flavors?
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Yes, there is only one kitten flavor. You can give her any of the adult flavors, though. Nora is 9 months old and has been eating the adult flavors for about a month. I would have given it to her sooner, but I had no clue. Nora got tired of the one kitten flavor really quickly and started refusing wet food, so that is why I started the adult flavors. I switch between three flavors now, and she does fine. It took me quite a while to get her to eat the wet food with consistency. She just didn't like it at first, but she gobbles it down now.

She gets Wellness Core, which is the grain free dry food, and it is an all life stages food so kittens can eat it also.
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I have had very good luck with Wellness with all my girls. All of them have taken to it very well and one of them would vomit her food after eating fairly often when she was on iams or Science Diet, but once I switched her over to Wellness, that all but disappeared.

I hope it goes well for you, too. The slow transition should help.
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Yes - absolutely transition her slowly with the dry or she could have tummy problems. Wet seems to be less of an issue re: stomach upset. You could try several high quality kitten wet foods and switch them off to see if she will eat more of it.
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