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Daily Thread Tues Feb 3rd

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Morning my fellow cat lovers

I just had a good cuddle time with my little girl..she is now sprawled out on the floor, with her most special snow white patch of fur showing Her patch of snow white fur is in regions that noone should ever see

We went to see another florist last night. I really liked her..she is $73 over our budget...but thats getting exactly what I want...and I am in love with her I think we are going to go with her. Josh suggested I get the pretty bouquet with 20 mini callas even though it is $180 He is such an amazing man

Just heading to work today, hopefully its not as busy as yesterday. Going to meet Josh at the gym afterward.

You all have a great day!
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Im off work yesterday and today because we worked all weekend shipping stuff up to Ky where they had all the ice damage and stuff. So, me and my caleeko kitty Angel are just sitting her surfing and having a latte
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I'm at work today, just having my lunch - a ham and crisp sandwich

Finishing at 5, just waiting for my gym buddy to call (or not) to see if we're going to the gym today.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very cold here this morning.

Not going to be up to much today, been up since 4 A.M. both of my shoulders are acting up which makes it very hard to get comfortable enough to sleep, even an extra pain pill didn't help much....

Did manage to get a load of laundry started though

The kitties are good this morning, having their treats right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Overcast this morning as we had a whopping inch of snow. Windy though and we are at our high temp of 12F. Dropping to -8F tonite though.... BUT lower to upper 30's by the weekend.
One of the bakers made batches of biscotti at work yersterday so I got our bags ready and packed them all. Took home some of the odds little ends we cannot sell for me to enjoy with my morning coffee!
Not much today-work, then making "Ribs on a Stick" (a local supermarket specialty) for dinner tonite and probably vegging on the sofa watching American Idol.
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Good mornin.

I did not sleep well, and for some reason I was up at 5:30.... it might have been a combo of things...needing more pain meds and Kizzy jumping up.

I'm groggy still, grumpy, and need coffee

I'm sure my mood will improve...slightly when I've had coffee and my eyes are wide open.

You know you're a TCS when you stumble down to the computer, half asleep and post on TCS.
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Today is my day off, so I'm taking it easy right now. Just sitting here with Tre on my lap sipping my coffee and eating my Special K bar for breakfast. I got some rebate checks back (only took 10 weeks ), so I'm going to stop by the bank later and cash them. I'm also going to call the 'visiting vet' who makes house calls and see if she'll come see Tre for an exam. He gets way too wound up at the regular vet and I don't want to keep stressing him out. Lastly, day off or not, I've got to build a computer model and have the simulation results for my boss to present by next Tuesday, so I'll work on that this afternoon. Luckily, thanks to remote desktop I can do that from home.

Weather-wise, we're at -1 C and sunny this AM. We were expecting a bit more snow this morning, but (as usually happens in East Tennessee) it never materialized.
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Morning all!!! Im just hanging out until time to go in to work. It is a very chilly day today It has actually been so nice out lately...and then today its way coooolder...

Hope everyone has a super day!!
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It's snowing here, much more than I expected. Not too cold at -6C, but tomorrow is supposed to get really cold.
We took Pushy in to the vet this morning for teeth extraction and cleaning, so now we're worrying about him and listening to Wiggies meow. He thinks Pushy is off having an adventure and wants out too.
Have a good day everyone.
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Good morning!

It's rather cold today, they're even predicting small snow flurries tonight (very rare for the Charleston area....)

Trying to keep myself entertained for my 8 hours at work. VERY hungry right now, and I've got 2 pieces of pizza leftover from my lunch yesterday, as well as 1.5 pieces of garlic bread, and some blue cheese dressing to dip it in. I dont think my food is going to last until 11am haha.

After work I need to go home and clean the shower in our house, so I can take my first shower in the new house Yay! We've still be going to the in-laws to do it, because we've been so busy moving stuff in and organizing. Then I'm off to pole practice from 6:30-7:30pm, picking up Rob in N.Chas afterwards, cooking dinner and stopping at Bi-Lo for a few items we need, then plopping in my cozy Sleep Number bed

Have a wonderful day!
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Good morning. Nice and cool here today. Not doing much except going to K-MART and then grocery store.(YUCK)!!!!!!! Hope everyone is having a good day.
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g'morning everyone!

I had a hellish/long day yesterday, what with being overworked and understaffed at work, then dashing off (leaving them without a regular cashier at the main door, so managers had to step in) at my scheduled clock-out time to run off and get my Financial Aid check. Life will be a smidge easier now... it's been tough since last fall with the cellulitis.

So, this morning, I'm getting laundry going, then off to do a little shopping and then the shelter volunteer time, and then school. Tomorrow I can relax most of the day... I have a phone interview tomorrow... hee hee!!

The weather was mild last night, but it dropped and is now hovering in the low 30's... supposed to get up to high 40's later... mild. Nice.

Have fun!
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Today was an interesting one!

I had work this morning. After work I went to pick up my divorce papers (going to take them and have my lawyer look them over tomrorow). Then after that my sister and I got our noses pierced Very odd but interesting day here! Never a dull moment! When my sister and I got back to her house, her husband cooked us all supper (breakfast for dinner! it was great).

At the moment I'm watching "The Biggest Looser" and thinking about going to bed in a few minutes. (I'm exhausted!) That's about it!
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