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need some vibes

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I can't get into too much details but I need some vibes right now. You see I made a mistake and now I have someone very very mad at me at the point that she not only called me tonight to yell she sent me a very nasty e-mail that was so vicious that I told my fiance I was going to walk away from my profession and try something else...

I tried to fix the problem and it made it worse. I tried to help and do the right thing and got badly burned in the end....this incident has taken away what little confidence I had gained and now since I just sent an e-mail to my boss explaining what happened as well as fowarding the e-mail this person sent me to her. I can only sit back and wait to see if I get to keep my job or not. I was already told by the department head that I might be cut since I'm the most junior member on staff. I told what happned to a friend on staff and he took the side of the other person so I literally have no support and I am on my own. So can you guys send me some cat site vibes in the hopes that this will help make everything ok? (that and in addition to forwarding the email I mentioned to my boss that I am having a major surgery in jsut a few weeks)

I know I can't give details but I will assure you that the mistake wasn't that hUGE or even dangerious is just that the person is really angry and is over reacting. and I'm just feeling overwhelmed since not only did this happen today I just have been yelled at pretty much everyday by everyone. Heck even the guy who is supposed to say our wedding YELLED at me (and even my fiance was confused since I didn't do anything except ask a question) and this happend and I know my boss is going to yell at me tomorrow.

But I am hoping this rough patch will be over soon....
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definitely sounds like an unpleasant situation - what is your profession? couldn't you look for another position elsewhere without changing professions?
sending & that things work out!
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lots of calming
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that things work out!
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Lots of vibes coming your way. Here"s hoping that once a little time has passed and everyone has a chance to calm down things will work out for the best.
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Regardless of the mistake you made, people shouldnt be yelling at you. Yelling is a childish unacceptable display of anger that mature adults should not stoop to - especially in an employment setting. If you say your boss and co-workers are yelling at you every day - it is for sure time to leave. If you dont, you will only end up engaging with them, which can only make things worse for everyone, especially you. Get out now and find a job where you can be respected and can respect the people around you. On the other hand, if you dont really mean they are "yelling" and just mean they are saying things you dont like that are hurting your feelings, it might warrant some discission, but I would still consider moving on.
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Thanks everyone for your support and vibes and I think they really do work..since that person I mentioned who was really mad apologized. My boss said it was a messy situation and acutally took my side which was a surprise. so thank you all!
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Whew!! I bet you feel alot better now!
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I'm glad things appear to be going well. This other person should never have blasted you in an email that everyone can read. Many times it's not the mistake that's at issue, it's how it's handled. Not too many companies want to deal with childish tantrums and people who are stupid enough to put their feelings in writing.
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For all can be fixed and don´t are more consecuences...

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Your post reminded me of something I read once. It was a career advice column or something along those lines. Anyway, the author stated that if you make a mistake in the office, you should definitely apologize, but only once. Don't over-apologize, or beat yourself up about something, because that can make you appear more at fault than you really are (and there may be others who will try, for whatever reason, to blow your mistake out of proportion).

Anyway, best of luck to you! I don't know what line of work you are in, but in my industry, what seems like a catastrophe one day can seem like small beans the next.
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I'm glad it all worked stress is the worst!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
I'm glad it all worked stress is the worst!
What she said and yes work stress is the WORST!!
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