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Aggressive Behavior Following Surgery

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Our kitten (10 mo. old) was just spayed about a month ago and has been having some problems. Before her surgery, she was pretty normal, she was friendly and very playful and overall she seemed mentally and physically sound. Since her surgery, she's been a bit different around people and very aggressive towards my mom, who was the one who took her to get the surgery. She basically attacks her, leaping at her and hissing, swatting, and biting very hard and never calming down until she leaves. If she stays in the room, the cat will continually attack her, only stopping for a minute if she shakes something at the cat to chase her away, but even then she comes right back for more and continues to do so until she leaves. It seems like my mom's voice makes her more angry than anything else. If she is outside of the room and talks, the cat will begin attacking the door. If she talks while the cat is attacking her she becomes more violent.

My mother is unable to even be in the same room as the cat. What she's been doing is sitting outside of the door with the door slightly cracked open, talking to her and giving her treats from time to time. We're wondering if that's the right way to get her used to her. She doesn't know what to do with the cat when she begins to attack her as it is a very frightening situation. We're also trying to figure out how to reintroduce her to the cat if it's possible.

I hope that someone can help us with this cat. It seems that the surgery (or rather the recovery from the surgery) was a very traumatizing event for her and she's having issues with trusting her again.

I can provide more information about anything if anyone needs it.
Thank you very much for your time and help.
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begin feeding her & offering her treats on an old shirt of your mom's that smells like her. have her get a t-shirt good & sweaty & use that. that way, the cat associates her scent w/something good, instead of something unpleasant.
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Was she mean the day she came back?
My Meeko just had surgery 2 weeks ago and is ok now.
I know sometimes cats have reactions to teh sedatives and stuf they give them and come back mean.
Our dog was nuts after she was fixed.
We had to get rid of her after she bit my brother and cat.
Have you told the vet what is happening?
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