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'Smelly Cat'

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We recently fostered a ticked tabby from the local shelter because he had a cold I guess similar to kennel cough in dogs. We administered the antibiotics as directed and after that he seems fine other than an occasional sneeze.
Anyway we've noticed that the room we keep him in now smells bad whenever we go in now. Wife sprays stuff in there daily but that's not cutting it. Tonite I think she discovered it may be urine. Btw the people at the shelter said he was fixed. Aside from that,could it be something he's ingesting? Could we give him anything that would lessen the odor? Parsley works on humans but what about cats?
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How old is he? Could he be spraying? Another thing that can smell bad is if they have anal gland problems. May also be that whatever you're feeding him doesn't agree with his digestion and is making his poo smell really bad. All of these things are subjects to take up with the vet.

If he is spraying, you will need to clean with a black light and an enzymatic cleaner - the light to FIND all the places... the cleaner to ... well... clean it... soak the area thoroughly until you cannot see any signs under that light.
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We're not completely sure of his actual age since he was surrendered to the shelter from some people that couldn't afford to keep him. They say he's around 2 but looks older next to ours who's not quite 2 yet.

As for the feeding,we started him on dry and tried the wet but he started getting diarrhea from the wet kind we were giving him. Now he seems to be ok on the pouch wet we've tried him on,though we alternate dry and wet daily.

Not sure if he's spraying even though he's supposedly fixed now but luckily I've still got a black light and I'm gonna do that next.

What kind of enzymatic cleaner is recommended? We've used Odoban that we've gotten from Sam's Club for years. I was also gonna use Pine Sol on the floor in the room.

Also is there any way to actually bathe a cat? He doesn't seem to be freaked out by little drips of water so far. Wife got him a little wet and noticed a smell,so maybe he's dirty also. When we got him,his tail seemed matted so she fixed that with a brush.
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you can bathe a cat. most do NOT like it - be prepared! best way i've found is to wear an old t-shirt & shorts & get in the tub w/the cat [make sure the bathroom door is CLOSED & all breakable items are removed].
some neutered cats will spray, especially in a new place. the black light will help you find the spots that need treating [if there are any]. if he is spraying, try getting some CatAttract litter & following the directions on the enclosed pamphlet for retraining.
also, i believe Pine Sol is toxic to cats. better to use something else.
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Pine Sol is toxic to cats please dont use that!

I hope you do find what the issue with him is. Some cats have an odor when they are sick, too.
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