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Has anyone had lap spays done?

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I plan on doing that with Sasha.
My vet give us a choice and I told them we wont to do it the lap way.
It cost more but there is way less pain.
This is the website
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That's pretty much the only way my vet does them anymore. Hannah was up & running around the next day.
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Thats why I want to do it that way.
The vet tried lap on Meeko first but it could not be done.
Cleo was done the reg way and you can see her scar.
We are going to use our tax refund when it comes in to do it lap.
Do you think Ssha could be done taht way?
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I really don't know, but talk to your vet about it. I know there are always exceptions. He also used dissolveable stitches inside and that glue stuff to secure the incision on the outside, which was great because I didn't have to haul her back in to have stitches removed.
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This is Meeko surgery site 2 weeks ago the day she had surgery.
They are were disolving stitches.
The other pic is a few days ago.
The last pic is Cleos scar from Nov 20th.

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Flank spays are more common over here, they are said to be less painful than midline spay for the cat.

My girl was done at 10 weeks before I got her and her wound was less than 1/2" with only 1 stitch.
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I have seen videos of all three ways done.
Over here most vets do not do flank.
I know in alot of other countrys they do.
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This is Ana just a few days after her surgery, you can barely see the stitch on the right of her shaved area

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That did heal fast.
I am asking for the lapo.
I have to wait 7-14 days fotr the tax money to come in first.
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Is Sasha the one you thought couldn't be spayed?
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No but the vet wanted to wait on her because she was anemic alot.
Now they said its ok.
We will do all the blood tests first.
Coco is the one that could never be fixed.
She is very scared of people she dosnt know so she will be terified at the vets.
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I have no clue what kind of spay they did on Nora, but her incision was only about an inch long (her scar is only about 1/2" now) and had only inside stitches, the outside was glued. She was in a TON of pain afterward. She hardly moved for a few days, and slept almost all day the first couple days after I brought her home.
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Lap is with way less pain and I already told the vet I want to go that way.
Your cat had it the reg way.
Meeko and Cleo did also.
Meekos weas about 2 inches and Cleo a little over a inch.
I think vets only do laps it cost more.
I kept Meeko with me for a week because she would try to jump and had alot of pain.
she is fine now.
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