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Employed by small business?

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For those of you that work for a small business. What was the hiring procedure? I got hired today by a tax business and am showing up for work tomorrow but Im a little nervous. The guy was flirting with me (the owner) which..whatever, but he didnt really take any information, just my resume etc. I didnt really realize it until I got home and was talking to my mom about it but we didnt discuss pay periods or anything, so Im a little nervous about not getting paid. Can anyone think of anything I should go over with him tomorrow? I'll show up early and hopefully he wont be busy. It'd be just my luck to get hired with someone that doesnt pay up.
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I would call him or email him tonight to say that you want to spend the first hour or so of the day tomorrow doing all the necessary paperwork before you actually start working.

What kind of business is it? Does he have other employees? Do you have a signed contract, or at least a job description? He should have at least had you fill out a W-4 form so you know he's withholding the proper amount of tax and paying his share of your Social Security.

If he's planning on paying you cash and not doing his part on the taxes, you will need to file self-employment tax forms. That can take a big chunk of your income.

It could be that he's just trying to keep things relaxed and friendly, but a business is still a business even when everybody gets along well together.
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I worked for a fairly small business for 4 years, and my interview was the weirdest I could ever remember. Basically, I went in, the interviewer (and trainer and co-owner) had my application. We went over my customer service experience (this was for retail, and I was a waitress for 9 years so FINALLY I found a company that realized waitressing is the best customer experience you can have!), she went over the basic duties and schedules...then finally, at the end told me "Oh, I guess I should have said it're hired".

Actually, I think almost all jobs I've had I filled out all the paperwork and went over the pay schedule the first day of the job on the clock, but I usually was told at least what the pay was going to be during the interview.

I think they're probably just trying to keep it friendly. Actually, it may be that in some states you have to actually fill out the official paperwork "on the clock", but that I don't know.

Anyway, congrats!!!!
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As far as I can remember at my interviews we just talked general talk about what the schedule would be and a general about what I was expecting for compensation. Salary was really discussed after the offer was made and then all the paperwork was done on the clock.
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Go tomorrow and see how you feel - trust your instincts... He should have some form of contract with your job description and pay on it, and you also should fill up your W-4. Ask all questions you need to ask, including if they have an HR department, vacations, health insurance, etc. Make sure you leave nothing to chance.
The fact that he was flirting with you raises a red flag for me.... Just trust your guts!
Good Luck!!
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One of my clients had the part time posting sign on their counter and I asked one of the owners about it and if I could apply. She gave me the application to fill out and while I was filling it out said "BTW you are hired!" I forgot to ask about pay until I was ready to leave.
I started two days later and had the W4 stuff to complete and my brief training started!
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I wouldn't be too worried about it. Small businesses generally don't follow a structured procedure to hire people like a corporation does. Most small business people hire people they like. So without a structure there's a huge chance to miss something like that. I'm sure it wasn't intentional. i know when I've hired people I have never talked about pay periods. It's the furthest thing from my mind. yet if someone had asked me I'd have been happy to explain it. I think that's all that happened.
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Well it was definitely weird but I think it'll be ok. It's just a job for the tax season, I went in to talk about a data entry position and got hired to actually take peoples taxes (a little nervous about that) at $1 more an hour, plus incentives. It is certainly unstructured, but I asked the guy about filling out my W-4 and he said would would some time this week. It also sounds like a girl quit so I'll be full time at her office? Who knows, all I know is beggars cant be choosers and I really need the money so Im hoping for the best.
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From someone who has worked small business all her life, and was at one time part owner of one , meaning I got to interview and help hire, and also fire people, he may be like we got to be in later years......wait until the first day the new hires come into work to fill out the paperwork and such.....that way if you do hire them and they never show up, no time wasted, lol! (and yes, we had several over the years to be hired, and you never, ever saw them again!
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