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This gives me hope for DH's claim. He has been turned down twice, and we are waiting for our date before the disability judge. What gets me is that their own phychologist told us that he should be approved, yet they denied him. We have been trying for 2 years now. He is 57, so he needs this.
Don't take my word for this b/c I'm certainly no expert, but if your husband is at this stage, chances are he'll be approved the next time. Almost everyone gets denied the first two times, but a lot of them get approved after going before the judge. I guess they figure if you're willing to take it that far you really are disabled and aren't playing some game, and are willing to continue filing appeals till you get approved. I think most peeps give up after getting denied the first couple times out of shear frustration and lack of income, and end up going back to work b/c they HAVE to. And since your hubby is 57, that puts him in a different category, too.

Just make sure you have all the paperwork & documentation from all your hubby's doctors who have been treating him before you go before the judge. The more verification you have, the better off you are.

Good luck!