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does your cat need to spayed or neutered and you need help?

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The Humane Society of the United States together with community organizations is sponsoring "Spay Day USA" this year on February 24th. This is the 15th annual Spay Day that makes it more affordable for people to get their pets spayed or neutered. For more information on events in your area, please go to
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nice. Wish we had something like that around here
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Yeah, I wish we had something like that around here. There are a couple of neighborhood cats that I would like to sapy/neuter. I really can't aford to start an "other" file at my vet though...
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In my County, for spay and neuter month they gave free rabies shots WITH your cats surgery! Also, because I am disabled or low income they cut the fee in half for my cats neutering... It was only 30 bucks to get Levi fixed!!

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I would like to see more spay/neuter programs.. I think alot of people dont spay their pets simply because they "cant afford" (ussually translates into "Id rather spend the money on something else")..

There is a nice program here for farm and ferel cats.. as well as if you are taking in a stray.. I used this program when I found Gozer.. they were running a special at the time, and I got her completely vetted (spay, leukemia test, shots, ear cleaning, flea treatment, worming, etc) for $65! During the summer they often have a special where you can get the mother cat done, and they spay/neuter the kittens for $10 each.
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I think this is an awesome idea as well!but is should be more often because the sad thing is most people just don't want to spend the money on getting thier animals fixed ,and ofcourse there is the exception of people who rescued an animal and just cannot afford it!either way I would love to see more programs like this!I was able to get 3 of the people in my area to get thier animals fixed for 10 bucks each!!I also was able to get3 of the new ferals that showed up fixed but it cost me 25 a peice because I had to get them vaccinated spread the news to everyone you know who has pets!
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I have a friend who has a few intact dogs that he's been wanting to get spayed and neutered for about a year now. There's more programs for cats in this area.. he did finally find someplace tho that will do them for $50 each.

Another friend of mine says that in her area, its outrageous to pay for a spay/neuter.. around $250-300 just for a small dog or cat! The most I've ever paid was just slightly over $100, and that was for a 50 pd female dog.
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Unfortunatly there is not alot around my area as far as animals are concerned
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a few years ago there was a mobile s/n clinic.. they were doing free s/n for those who met certain income guidelines. My aunt got a few of her cats done there. I took them in for her, since she's disabled and has a hard time getting out. There were maybe about 20 cats there to be snipped.. one of the volunteers was looking at the carriers with the cats and said with a smile "think of how many litters we will be preventing today".
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I really wish they would do something like that around here!!Every kitten season I have pregnant cats and kittens dumped here!It is so sad!and with no rescources for low cost spay/neuter We usually pay for everything out of our pocket!and cannot even charge enough for adoptions to make up the difference because them noone would ever adopt the cats!!
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Around here, the Humane Society has a 'chip' day. It is all run by qualified volunteers. Pet owners are asked for a cash donation of about $30 for the microchipping. You get a receipt! All the money goes into the Save fund, which helps pay for services/food/medicine for strays.

I applaude the areas who have a low cost spay/neuter program.

The difference up here in colder climates in the city....we have never found wandering kittens...perhaps they are out in the country areas, though.
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