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We got a new cat 3 weeks ago and slowly introducing them. All seem to be going good no hisses or flights. I get them together at 2-3 hours per day. This morning the Old cat was at the door of the New Cat and he got a bottle brush tail but was not hissing. I think he want in the NC room? Any thoughts?
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I've never taken as long as 3 weeks, so I think you've given it plenty of time. I'd let them spend time together, supervised for a while.
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No hissing is a good sign, I've never done separated intros as there was no hissing I just let them be together.
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At first OC was hissing at NC.. I watch them supervised when they are together. I was just not sure about the bottle brush tail today.
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Even my cats who have been together since they were 3 months old (reunited littermates) will do the bottle-brush tail thing when they're startled. With no hissing or scratching I'd say it doesn't mean a lot. Go ahead and try them together with supervision.
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Lol, Kit fluffed her tail when I sneezed the other day! They do that when uncertain but if that's all you're seeing I second (or third) the other posters. Go for it and see what happens! Very often, cats sort things out just fine on their own. We humans can overplay the intros sometimes.
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Another question yesterday OC tried to (well looked like) he was humping NC is that normal?
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