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Sick Cat!

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I found a cat about a year ago and gave him to my co-worker. He is about 15 months now. This morning she called and she can no longer keep him. She dropped him off and I carried the carrier inside and let him out and he is SO SICK! In October he weighed probably 13 lbs now he is down to 8...he is sick and bones. He is drinking water but wont eat food....he will drink the juices off of soft food. He has a strong odor coming from his mouth and a runny nose. He is not neutered and was an indoor only cat.

After I saw what he looked like I have been trying to call her but she wont anwer.

I am trying to find a vet that will help me out but I am unemployed and only have fifty dollars to my name. Any ideas!?!?!? Please help!!!!
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Oh the poor baby Really it is a vet he should see to make a diagnoses, because no one here is trained.

I'm sure others will be along soon to give you links to low cost clinics in your area, so keep checking in.

Lots of mega healthy for the little boy

Why on earth has your co worker done this now after a year?!
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awwwwww poor kitty!! I would call around to all the vets and shelters and see if they can help or maybe let you do a payment plan?or volunteer to work off payment for him being seen?Good luck
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Poor cat I hope someone can help you.
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Thank you everyone! No one was able to help but I signed over my rights to a vet and gave them $40. I am an absolute wreck and am praying that they will let me know.

She will not answer her phone. I never ever ever saw this coming or I would have never came him to her.

I will update as soon as I hear something.

Thanks again!

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It's heartbreaking what people will do to animals.

It sounds like you've done all you could, and more.
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i hope the little guy feels better. the previous owner sounds a bit shady...giving a sick cat back, not answering the phone. i'm very sorry that you were the one left with the weight of caring for a very ill cat. it's very sad to me, the whole situation. you did what you could. hang in there, k?
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