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Question about “Borrowing a dog”

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Ok, since I always think I have the most amazing ideas until I actually vocalize them I thought I would ask the pros at TCS about this situation.

My job lately has been absolute hell. I leave early morning, come home late, then sometimes I need to work at nights, if not I am too tired and go to bed early. My boyfriend’s job has always been like that. So, Bruno is being somewhat neglected. I feel his spirits are falling. We still make time for him, but not enough. He goes to daycare twice a week, but the rest of the week is boring for him.

I decided to foster a dog to keep him company, unfortunately there are no fosters available that wont kill my cats. I did however get an email asking to foster this couples dog for a year, to which my boyfriend said no, he doesn’t want a dog for a year. He did ask me to ask them if we could “borrow†the dog. We haven’t discussed a schedule but we were thinking 1-2 weeks on, then off, or weekends, or something. This way thier dog (which they said is going nuts because they really have no time for him at all) will get attention and exercise and Bruno wont have to watch the cats playing have the time of theirs lives and get depressed.

So, does anyone know of, or see any problem with this? Anything I should know? Do? Get prepared for?

Thanks all, you guys always think of things I never noticed.
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I'll offer my opinion. Dogs aren't as rigid with their needs to keep a solid schedule as a cat, but there is some desire there. Moving him between homes for a long period of time may not be the best for him, unless both homes use exactly the same house rules. If the dog is allowed on the furniture in one, then it needs to be the same in both. If the dog is fed on schedule at one, needs to be the same at the other. The dog will get terribly confused if the rules change on him as he migrates from home to home.

And if he likes one home over the other, he might start to develop separation anxiety when he is in the home he doesn't like as much.

I've taken care of dogs for friends and family members when they were in a bind, but I've kept them with me the entire time with visitations from their owners. One dog for 6 months and another for a year. Seems to work out better than way.
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