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Question of the Day - February 2nd

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Rigel won't be online today, but asked me to post this question for him.

What do you usually have for breakfast?
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Yogurt and toast almost every morning
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A donut and a glass of milk
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Either nothing or a yogurt with bran sprinkled on it.

I'm trying to have breakfast most days, but its hard for me. I really don't feel like eating when I wake, so by the time I am hungry it is lunch time.
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Shredded wheat cereal most days.
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A cup of coffee and a Little Debbie peanut butter bar.
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Usually oj and cereal or oj and toast.
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Always coffee, and for food, either toast or cereal
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I am not a breakfast person but I tend to eat cereal bars or a little pack of donuts so healthy u know
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coffee then oatmeal, sometimes yogurt or cottage cheese
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coffee and oatmeal
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Currently I start each morning with a navel orange and then either biscuits or sausage sandwich or anything that sounds good.
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It depends on what time I get up and if it's a day off or not.

If I'm working I will take either a bowl of cereal and a cup of lactaid milk with me, along with a banana. Or sometimes a cup of fruit, a bagal and cream cheese and a V8.

If I'm home, I often eat left overs, or have Special K or Fibre One.

And if I'm in a fit for chocolate, I will mix up a chocolate Slim Fast Shake. But only on days I'm off or working evenings.
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weekdays- bagel, donut, or occasionally some yogurt
sat or sun- we go out for a big brunch at a diner
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I usually have cereal or oatmeal and coffee, occasionally a piece of toast to go with it.
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Toast and butter or jam, and coffee
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I usually have 1-2 Nutrigrain or Special K bars. I'll have 2 if I go into work early (~ 7:30) or just 1 if I go in later (~9:00). Days off I'll have either a bowl of cereal or some scrambled eggs and toast.
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Usually I have cereal and a banana on weekdays. On weekends we usually go out for a late bigger breakfast or make it at home.
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Coffee and oatmeal with cinnamon or dried cranberries. On the days I'm tired of oatmeal I'll fix scrambled eggs with mushrooms and cheddar cheese and a whole grain tortilla.
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Working days, breakfast starts with the juice I just finished and carries over to the coffee and muffin I have in the office. Weekends/holidays we have a late large breakfast, which usually includes eggs in some form -- can be a simple scramblies, bacon and toast or Eggs Benedict or variations on either of those, or waffles or French Toast, or...
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Coffee .....
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other than coffee, usually nothing, but I have gotten into a very bad habit of stopping at McDonald's lately
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I usually have cereal or eggo waffles. I had Trix for breakfast this morning. Yes I am a silly rabbit.
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Coffee and either a packet of grits or oatmeal or a bowl of cereal.

I used to never eat breakfast but now I have to take medicine in the morning with food.
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Iron Pill and carnation instant breakfast mixed with soy milk.
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I alternate between cereal or 1-2 scrambled eggs.

This morning I had Frosted Mini Wheats, Little Bites in chocolate.
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A glass of water, a cup of low fat peach yoghurt (sometimes with some bran) and two slices of whole grain bread, most often with a fried egg (sunny side up), a tomato with some mayonaise or sometimes some smoked trout.
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My usual breakfast is coffee and 2 slices of toast with jam.

Other days when I fancy a change, I have a croissant with jam, a yoghurt and a banana...followed by a nice cup of coffee

On the rare occasion I will have a bowl of cereal....
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Nothing. Never been a breakfast person, from the time I was is elementary school. My stomach is usually upset when I first wake up so the thought of putting something in it usually makes it worse, let alone actually doing so. Nine times out of ten I would end up puking it all back up anyway. *sigh*

I liked working at the hospital b/c our first break was 2 1/2 hours after our shift started, so I had plenty of time to wake up. I ate breakfast every day I worked, but it was at 9:30pm. lol I usually just had a bowl of cereal and a thing of yogurt.
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