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Daily Thread Monday Feb 2nd! (Groundhog day!)

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Morning folks!

Welp, we had a good relaxing and productive weekend. I finished the wedding to do list. Its all little stuff left. I finally ordered the BM dresses on Saturday so that is done! That was a horrifying task to get everyones sizes..etc..

It has been milder outside as well which is great.

We are going to visit another potential florist tonight!

Have a great day folks!
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So, if he sees his shadow, it's six more weeks of winter, and if not, it's a month and half, right?
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Isn't 6 weeks and a month and a half the same thing?
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Morning All!!!

A bit milder here today as well which is nice.

Up and about early this morning, I have and appointment I will be leaving for in about 20 minutes.

Just a couple of errands to run after my appointment then home for a quiet day of R&R I guess.

Haven't been feeling the best the last couple of days so maybe some extra rest will help.

The kitties are window watching right now, it's garbage day on my street so they like to watch the truck come up the street. When it gets about 2 houses away they go and hide. Silly cats.

Everyone have a great day.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Isn't 6 weeks and a month and a half the same thing?
Yeah, it's a bit like a cold. If you treat it as thoroughly as you can, it lasts 10 days. If not, it lasts a week and a half.
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Its sunny today but temps back to lower 20's after the brief encounter with the lower 30's yesterday!! But windy again and snow predicted tonite.

Had a lot of dishes to wash and chop up the bread to feed the turkey's!

Work today then leftover spaghetti and pizza to clear out the refrigerator for dinner.

Tonite I want to continue working on my valance for the kitchen, all the pieces cut out just have to start pinning together.

Not too much on the agenda today!

Have a good one..................
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I got a late start this morning because of my, ummm, activities last night. I was feeling pretty rough during the drive in, but the half mile walk from my car to my office helped wake me up. We're back to more seasonable weather this morning. It was cool ~6 C, gray, and raining cats and dogs - a typical winter day here. Since I've been at work though, the rain has turned to snow and it's really coming down. I don't think anything will come of it because it was so warm all weekend, but it's enough that all of the area schools have started sending kids home. They have snow days built into their schedule, so they like to use them whenever they can. I plan to be here at work until ~ 5, then I'll go to the gym for an hour or two and have a quiet night at home.
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I have lots of errands to run today. I don't think I will be able to get out of my driveway. It snowed 15 inches from yesterday noon and this morning. Dh shoveled out the driveway but the road hasn't been plowed. He just phoned he was pushing snow with his bumper to get to work. They shut down the sawmill. until the snow is removed, Dh figures it will take him all day with a loader to plow the mill yard. COME ON GROUNDHOG
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