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The ignorance is staggering

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For several months I have been butting heads with another person who lives near me. Her take on ferals is to kill them all. That TNR does not work and the only good feral is a dead feral. She doesn't want to listen to reason, look at stats at how TNR is showing a small difference to the declining population of ferals. I have shown her pics of my litters of feral kittens and asked her to choose which one she would destroy- her choice is to say to destroy them all! She also maintains that ferals ONLY come from other ferals and when I point out to her that there are people who dump off cats and kittens in the wild that were once domesticated and are either abused and abandoned and THAT is what causes some feral populations to take off, she responds that "people wouldn't do that to a pet!" GRRRRR! Anybody got a brick I can throw at her thick head? And her age? She is 26 years old, talk about not being enlightned and in this day and age with the amount of information available, that is scary.
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Body by Fischer brain by Mattel perhaps?? You did exactly what I would've done by telling her the reason there are ferals are because of ignorant $%!#*& morons like her who dump their no longer wanted pets!!! By chance does she have dogs? I am so sick and tired of stupid people like her who want everyone else to take away the problem. No wonder we rescuers get burned out. It's like

Hang in there, I feel your frustration, believe me!!!!

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She raises pit bulls! Now, I have nothing against pit bulls per se, but I am betting my bottom dollar that she is teaching these dogs to hate cats. her and her beer guzzlin, truck revin, mud-jumpin hubby just make me ill. Red-necks to the max!
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You say this nimwit has a hubby. I'm keeping my fingers crossed tha they don't breed. Too bad we can't TNR stupid people.:tounge2:
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I like Alexnell's solution!
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Me too! I'll bet you're right about raising pit bulls to hate cats. I'd keep an eye on the ferals. If they come up missing, go look in their yard. Scumbag rednecks. I hope to God that the ferals steer clear of them. In some states pitbulls are outlawed. Might want to check your state's law on it.
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