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Levi goes in to be fixed TOMORROW, thank you Jake!

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My little boy has an appointment to be fixed, and THANK YOU goes to Jake for getting me on the ball (no pun intended)

I am sad that he has to stay 2 nights!! 1. is because they want him there before 8am and that is not an option. 2. is because this vet keeps them overnight after the surgery. That seems odd to me.??

The other question I have is that he will have no pain meds unless I pay extra. Does he need them and how do I know that he will really get them??? What if I pay for them and he suffers??

I will be taking him in before noon on Mon. so if anyone has any advice, PLEASE let me know.

I am gonna miss that little boy...

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My Meeko jut had surgery and came home the same day.
Did they say why he is staying .
We dropped her off at 7:40 am and oicked her up after 5pm.
Ask if they give him a pain shot?
Most males do not get oral pain meds when they come home because they are fine.
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Usually, by the second day they don't need pain meds, so he should be OK by the time he gets home.
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Jake says: "relax Levi, it's not that bad!! You won't remember it!" and sends some vibes

The place i took Jake asked that every animal be brought before 8:30 am..on their website it said the reason why they do not keep the animals overnight is because they don't have staff to stay overnight and monitor them.

It's going to be fine, I know you will miss him but when he comes home to you he will act normal. Jake was so crazy, I could tell he wasn't really his usual self and I felt like he could not recognize anyone he was just running hysterically. I was afraid his incision would open ...Thankfully it's all fine now and he is acting normal. He was back to himself by the next night.

As far as pain meds, I didn't get them and Jake did not show any signs of pain, he was acting like he didn't even know something changed ...He didn't groom himself more than he usually does and he doesn't really stare at the empty sac lol..That's not indication that he wasn't in any pain tho, so I dunno...To me it seemed like that pain med shot they gave him was really effective up until the next day or so. He got a metacam shot. That's probably what made him all crazy and Laureen said he may have been hallucinating. Whatever it was he was feeling, he was still affected for quite some time...

I hope that it all goes very smoothly for little levi!
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I dropped him off today for his surgery tomorrow. They said that the Dr. likes to monitor them overnight to make sure that they do ok. My problem with that is that NO ONE IS THERE AFTER HOURS????? So what is the point??

I am sad that I won't see for 48 hours!! He must be so scared

I didn't opt to get the pain meds, but I am thinking about doing the micro chip thing. They only charge 10 bucks extra since they are already asleep. Is it necessary for an indoor cat to have that??

Well, I guess that's it! I am sending him to make it through this.

Do you guys think they need the shot for feline respiratory something???? Its just another charge.... Now a 30 neutering is running almost $60.00!!

Thanks for being here!!
Melissa missing Levi
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None my cats have chips.
I have never had a cat get out by mistake either.
I know of cats that have tumors from the chips.
It was on kcra news.
Find out what the shot is.
The reason my vet dosent like to keep them overnight is no one is there and if something goes wrong no one would know.
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you could always request to take him home the same day. all you really need to do is keep him somewhat confined in a dark place - then you can check on him periodically to monitor any problems [probably won't be any - neutering a male is fairly low-risk].
if it's only $10, i'd probably go for the chip. none of mine are chipped, but they also rarely attempt to go outside.
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On the atlanta humane society site it says that chips not very useful because there are so many companies that provide the chips and they are not compatible. Like if you get a chip at one vet and another vet finds the cat he will not be able to scan the chip unless he has the same brand scanner. Still, it might end up helping...
So you will pick him up the day after tomorrow, in the morning? It will be alright, just call the place when you feel like you miss him, that helps a lot when someone tells you he is doing fine.
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I have heard that also.
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Thank you all for your responses... I will call in the am and check about the different chip things. He is an indoor kitty, BUT if he gets out?? And how many cats are found?? usually they are lost or

I miss Levi I just hope he doesn't think we left him...

I will let you all know how he did tomorrow!~

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I am so nervous!! I called and said no to the chip... I pray all goes well. Keep him in your thoughts!!
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Prayers everything goes fine.
I never had a problem with a male getting fixed.
You will have him back soon.
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My vet keeps all pets overnight after their surgeries – Male or Female. I’ve always dropped them off by 8:30AM one morning and picked them up between 3-5PM the next afternoon. They never asked me about pain meds so I don’t know if that means they don’t give any or if they already include them. I had two boys neutered last year at different times and they both came home acting just like normal. that everything goes well, I’m sure it will!
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How is Levi doing??
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YEA!! All went well! I dropped him off Monday at noon and didn't get him home until Wed. at 5pm!! The place had a staff meeting and instead of a 10-noon pick-up, they didn'topen until 3pm (after lunch)!! I was so upset that he had to be there for over 48 hours to be fixed! The Dr. would not release him until 24hrs after surgery. But, all is fine, he is home.

Funny though, I had requested him to have his shots too, and they forgot to do it, so they gave him the respiratory shot and rabies right before we left! Poor baby, was he ever mad!!!

While I was waiting, a woman had to have her 20 year old cat put down It was so sad, she was just beside herself. The tech said that the kitty was in renal failure and they had done everything. sad.

Well, Levi just jumped in my lap so I better tend to my recovering baby~! Thank you guys for your support during this

Melissa, Samantha and Levi
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I am glad he is ok.
So sorry about that ladies cat.
My coco has been given 5 months to live from crf.
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Yay! I'm so glad Levi is back and it all went well
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Levi has been such a good boy! I feel very lucky that he did so well with his surgery and recovery.

I read that one members baby had a very bad reaction to being fixed... That makes me so sad. to "I'm so sick of this" thread.

My other cat, Samantha is still hissing at him, probably from his "vet" smell

He is eating and drinking well, even the potty is going fine. I feel very lucky, especially after hearing horror stories!

to all the sick babies out there!

And thanks again to Jake for helping me make the choice to take him in to be done... Love ya Jake!

Love, Levi
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Good Job, Levi! Hope the healing process goes by real quick ..
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