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Someone PLEASE help me...

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Hello. I am new here. We have a cat named FiFi. She is about 4 years old. We got her as a stray. She was a "shop" cat. She hung around my husbands workplace and he brought her home so she wouldn't get hit by a semi-truck. We're thinking she is about 4 years old she was tiny when he brought her home and is still tiny to this day. But we have had her since late 2004. Ok, here is my situation.

She is what I call a "throw-up" cat. I used to think it was b/c the cat we had was a hog and she thought she had to eat as much as she could and it made her throw up. Unfortunately, Poppy was killed back in august by some dogs that made their way in our yard. Needless to say, she is still throwing up!! What could be the problem?? Is it her food? Does she have a problem? I took her to the Vet a while back and nothing was wrong with her. Should I take her back? I'm starting to think it's her food. We usually buy her the cheap stuff at wal-mart. Yes...I feel bad about that, I'm thinking of buying some Felidae. We buy the good stuff for our dog, why not her? She has been being more loving lately and I feel soooo guilty.

I'm not looking for a lashing, just someone to help me out!! Do you think it's her food or does she have a problem? She throws up A LOT. On a daily basis!
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time for her to see the vet... what is she eating brand and type
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If she is eating the cheap walmart stuff, it is probably full of grains, with lots of corn... She might have a food allergy problem...
Do you have the bag with you? can you post the ingredients?
Can you change her to some better quality food? Maybe grain free, or wet?
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Another thing: She has been throwing up since you got her, 4 years ago??
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Going back to the vet would be my suggestion as well.

What did the vet tell you about her throwing up when you were there last?

Some things to think about before you talk to the vet......
If she has been throwing up since 2004, has her weight been stable or has she lost weight?

Does she throw up right after eating or later?

Does she throw up solid food, or partially digested food, or liquid, any hair?

Does she have any other problems with her health? Litterbox problems, other behavior changes?

You can research foods with limited ingredients or for sensitive stomachs so you can talk to the vet about her food.

Sorry, those are just a few things to think about to talk over with the vet. I hope she gets better and I am sorry for the loss of your other cat.
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Your post is a little confusing. Did you have two cats that were throwing up, then one of them was killed and the other is still throwing up? Or did the second one only start throwing up after the first one was killed? Does she throw up every time she eats?

I would take her back to the vet, or take her to a different vet for a second opinion. It could be the food or stress or a combination. Or it could be something altogether different.
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How often are we talking about. Every day? Once a week? If the latter, it could just be hairballs, especially if she's long-haired. If the former, there is some other problem.

Does she just eat dry food? Have you tried a wet food?

It was very kind of you to bring this kitty into your home; you are a rescue angel for doing it!
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I am confused as well..I don't who Poppy is that you refer to. I dunno what to say except for maybe take her back to the vet..What you describe sounds serious. I hope your kitty gets better soon!
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I have a cat that throws up almost immediately after eating. He maintains his weight and has been to the vet and has been pronounced healthy. He is 12 years old. He has been doing this most of his adult life. He does not chew his food and he throws up the food as whole pieces (no hair.. hairball throw up is different).

I did change his food to Science Diet Harball control light and the throwing up improved. However, SD has a LOT of corn in it and so I decided to try some Innova. He is on Innova and no longer throws up. I also introduced some Canned Innova and that seems to have helped (tho he would rather eat the dry.. while I really would rather he eat the canned).

From your post it seems you thought that due to the one cat bolting his food, the second cat (that throws up) bolted her food as well and possibly over ate, causing her to throw up. Now that the one cat is gone, the other cat still throws up so you are figuring it is not a food bolting/over eating issue.

Cats can develop habits. If the cat has learned to bolt her food and to over eat, she may still be doing it without the influence of another cat.

While a vet visit would seem to be in order, I think I would also change the food. Try a better brand such as Innova, Wellness, etc. and see if that works. In the case of my cat the pieces of Innova dry are much smaller than the pieces of Science diet Hairball control. Smaller pieces of dry food may also be helping him to not throw up since he does not chew his food (and never has).
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For those who can't follow - what I got from the post is that the poster thought FiFi's vomiting problem was originally caused by FiFi eating too fast to prevent their other cat Poppy from stealing it. Elana got it.

I have a cat with a sensitive stomach. If he eats and becomes very active shortly after he will vomit. Cheaper foods and more specifically foods containing corn will make him vomit. Also free feeding, which I let him do when younger, often caused problems (he'd snack at the food more often then run around).

Go back to the vet to double check her health, but you guess is probably right. She needs a better food - especially if it's the special kitty you're feeding her (quality aside, those dyes are bad). There are lots of threads on here that discuss food quality that you can check for reference.
If you're concerned about cost, remember that better quality will mean your cat will eat less once adjusted. Look for sales and coupons too.
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Ellie is the up-chuck queen in our house. She is healthy but thin and vomits if she eats too quickly or too much. I would first of all worm Fifi if you haven't already, and then feed her good quality food, a little at a time. I give Ellie half a sachet at a time of 70% protein food, and raise her dish to slow down her eating. It helps, but she still does it sometimes.
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First of all, as others have mentioned, take her to the vet and have her checked out.

I had a throw up cat, and it's not fun! The vets were of no help, so me and the husband figured out it was one particular flavor of canned food she was eating. So, I'd start with the food and then look at other factors like eating too fast, another problem my cat had. We had to put down a few morsels for her, wait about 15 minutes, then put down a few more, wait another 15 mins, then put down the rest of her serving. Doing it this way really cut down on the number of times she threw up. Now, she only throws up very occasionally.

She might need to be on a grain-free food, all-wet diet, or a diet for sensitive tummies.
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Cheap foods (with a lot of dyes; especially the red dye) are a big problem in cats throwing up. So it could be the food.

It could be many things and your cat needs to be seen by the vet to be sure her teeth are ok, etc. Have you tried canned foods rather then dry?
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Hi and thanks so much for all the responses!! Sorry it has taken me so long to answer back. Ok let me see.... No, she hasn't been throwing up since we got her in 2004. It started back in 2007. We took her to the vet and they said she was perfectly healthy that it may be stress. She has never lost any weight. Also, she throws up pretty much on a daily basis and its usually within 5-10 minutes after she eats. And its all food, whole food like she isn't chewing it good. Every now and then she'll throw up a hairball. And now that I think about it, since Poppy died, she has been throwing up daily. They were big buddies. I've thought about getting a kitten to keep her company. Before she would only throw up a couple of times a week and sometimes would go over a month without throwing up. So I think it is a mixture of stress and food. Frustrating....
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Hi Britty- my cat Smudge has had the same problem. She used to throw up daily, and it was a struggle for both her as well as all the members of the household who would find cat puke on their things! We went through a few different foods, went to the vet, tried prescription food, and more kinds of foods, from wet to dry to home prepared- and eventually landed on Science Diet Indoor cat dry, on which she throws up less than once a month, which is much better than several times a day!

So my suggestion would to be keep trying different things. Make sure to follow the usual slow transitions between foods, and give each one a few weeks to see if things change, and hopefully eventually you'll find the food that does the trick! If you haven't been yet, def see a vet to rule out anything pathological, but otherwise it just takes perseverance. Good luck!
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One of mine would not chew well and then I would find vomit with whole pieces of food. I finally had to switch him to an all wet diet. I fed him smaller amounts as often as my schedule would allow. All mine eat canned and dry. I finally found a dry that he tolerated better because it was a larger size kibble and he had to chew more. California Natural Chicken and Rice. I have to order it.
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I would change the food first and see how it goes THEN if your cat is fine (or even if not after a week on different food), consider a kitten.

The point is that any change can cause stress (even positive change). Only introduce one change at a time. This will reduce the stress for the cat and allow you to isolate the problem.
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If you're seeing whole kibble, she's regurgitating, not vomiting - which apparently is not as serious in most vets' eyes. My girl regurgitates sometimes when she eats too fast.

Have you tried a raised feeder at all? Sometimes that slows them down a bit, so they can't eat too fast and then toss it all up. And, I'd get over to the pet store and look at the various foods and the kibble size. I don't think it's necessary to buy absolutely the most expensive food available, but you can get something like Petsmart's Authority which is reasonably good and cost-effective, to slowly introduce and see if that has any effect. Good luck - it's worrisome when you think they're not getting enough food.
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Sounds like she's just eating too much too fast. I'd try raising her food dish, but some cats won't eat if you change the height of the dish, mine for one! Also, you can add some marbles to the bowl and feed her smaller portions. (See my previous post on this thread.) Also, since she seems stressed over the loss of her friend, you might want to get some Feliway diffusers and see if that helps lessen her stress level.
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Ok, so whole food means regurgitation? We have to keep her food dish on top of the fridge to keep our dog out of it so I'm trying to figure out a way to elevate it. Maybe I could put a small box under her dish. Also, she has always free fed, should I stop that and feed her the "right" amount and split it up to 2 feedings a day? I think I will go check out the Authority food at Petsmart. Has anyone ever used it? Thanks again for all your help!! If anyone else has any pointers feel free to add 'em!
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My oldest cat Molasses always threw up a lot, I always thought he ate too fast. If she's eating too fast you could put her food on a flat dish and spread it out in sections on the plate, that could slow her up a little bit. Good luck.
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The way my vet explained it, when you can see the kibbles are pretty whole, that means nothing was digested and the kitty just tossed them up (regurgitated it) - often because they were simply eating too fast. They have a shorter digestive tract than humans, so it's not quite as difficult for them to toss their cookies, so to speak. When it's digested food that comes up, that's true vomit and can be a more serious symptom in a vet's eyes.

You might have to try a couple of foods. My guys have had Petsmart's authority (they were adopted from there) and were perfectly healthy. One thing you may notice when you start buying 'better' food is that even if it costs a bit more upfront, you're probably feeding less of it per day...probably balances out in the long run. If she starts getting fat on the new food, your vet can probably work with you to figure out how much to measure out on a daily basis - a lot of times the bag guidance can be a bit high for an indoor kitty.
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Thanks SO SO SO much for all the advice!! I'm going to go to petsmart at some point this week (we live in the boonies and the closest Petsmart is really far) and get her some Authority. From what i've seen and read about it, it is pretty good food and affordable. I also raised up FiFI's food dish, so hopefully that and a food change she will stop! Thanks again!
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Just an idea. But if there are farm supply stores closer there's one brand of cat food usually sold at them that is fairly good. Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul.
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