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Good night!

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Well I am headed to bed and I probally wont be arround for at least the next week. I go tomorrow morning to be induced. My due date was Jan 22 I am kinda scare, but oh well. I REALLY didn't want to be induced. I still have a few hours to go into labor Well take care guys and gals and talk to y'all soon!
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Hey good Luck tomorrow!!!! We need to see pics of your babies asap!! for you and the baby for daddy to keep strong!
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Hope you have a good sleep, Emma!

Good luck for tomorrow!
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Hold on, I feel so stupid right now! I didn't know this...........
I can't send you enough , but I'm definitely going to try!
You are such a trooper to be sticking out the last hours on TCS playing word games! Love you!
Please check in when you are up to it!
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You should have taken a dose of cod liver oil.

Yes, that's the old wive's remedy to cause labor to start. My mother always claimed it worked when she had my sister.
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OMG!! YAY!! Congrats and good luck!

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OMG, congrats

Can't wait to see you post again, with your new baby

that all goes well. Both my girls were induced

(I tried the cod liver oil, and any other remedy I found that was supposed to help induce labor. the CLO only gave me bad bad bad intestional cramps... YUCK...I spent hours on the toilet. I had hope with my youngest that something would help bring her along, but nope...she wanted to stay in there and grow to 12lbs LOL...she was 11lbs even)
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Oh boy! Or girl! Congratulations!
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