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Our Oklahoma cat family

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Duke is the 1st one and Tiger is the second one - he is blind. Ziggy is the 3rd one and Beetle is the last one in the picture. More to come later.
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they are a bunch of cuties!!! What happened to Tigger? Was he born that way?
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I guess you could say he was pretty much born that way. My husband rescued him Sept. of 2006 at his job, he was running along the chainlink fence trying to get away. luckily he caught him. His brother was not so lucky, he was also blind , got hit by a car . We took him( Tiger) to the vet, he at that time had both eyes, but they were in very bad shape. We started daily eye care for him, his health inproved , but his little eyes did not. We had to have the riight eye removed. He does have a left eye , but it isn't the size of a normal eye. it is very small - He is blind in it also. But his blindness hasn't hindered him one bit. He goes all over the house , gets on our center island - where the sink is, he loves laying in there. He will get on the table , but has the best manners, He loves fruit, and fresh deer meat. He is quite spoiled. He is 1 of our 30 babies. we dearly love each & everyone. Over half my husband has saved. We live way out in the country, have them spayed or neutered and they become part of our family till they pass on.
post #4 of 13 is wonerful and heartwarming what you are doing for the animals

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Aww What a lovely thing you do for the babies....and your sweeties are sure pretty Cant wait to see more pics!!
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Another one of our TCS members has a kitty with bad vision and congenitally small eyes -- sarahp and her cat Smudge. Not sure if she is completely blind - don't think so. I Smudge!

Bless you for helping all of these animals.
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Yes the vet said Tiger has small eye syndrom.. He has sure taught us a lot!
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They are so sweet
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some of our babies in livingroom.
This is Newt.
Little Boog
Little Joe Brown
Lucky 2 Spot
Archamedes (Ark)
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This is Omalley & his sister Dutchess
[IMG]In Loving memory of Duke
OUR Tiger
This is Pearl -and below is her son Ping
Ella Blue
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They are all so healthy and happy looking!! your house kinda looks like my houe, but I only have 15
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So much love in one home.
All of your kitties are beautiful.
Thank you for sharing them with us.
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What a beautiful group of kitties!
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