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URI! I'm soooo angry!

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Just got our Sam neutered and he came home and developed a URI. He's all stuffed up and one eye is starting to get runny. Calling the vet in the morning. We've had him in a steamy bathroom and that helped some, he's eating but only if we hold his dish up where his nose doesn't drain. Poor guy. Anything else I can do till we can get him into the vets?

The reason I'm angry is we used our local low cost clinic and that's where he got sick. When we had our dog done there he also came home sick with kennel cough. It just makes me so angry. I have two developmentally disabled adults in the home and it's very scary for them to see the animals sick and we are on a VERY tight budget. At least our local vet has extended credit to one of the DD adults here so we can get the kitty in and the help he needs.

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That is one of the reasons I do not use those places.
The ones in the bay area messed up alot with us.
I can not name who they re on the boards.
I will not use the one here either.
I hope your cat feels better.
Do you have a humidifier?
You can use taht if you have one.
I also let them smell vicks but do not put it on them.
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Wish I had a rid of that when my kids were all grown up. I'm going to see if the vicks helps at all. The steamy bathroom helped a lot and he's so mellow, he just sat on the counter in the bathroom while we steamed it up for him. At least he's not objecting to the steam.

Thanks for the help

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I hope he feels better.
Is there any green or yellow discharge?
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So far all the discharge that I've seen is clear. I'd really be a bit more panicky if there was color.

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Its good its clear.
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Originally Posted by badgeygirl View Post
...I'm going to see if the vicks helps at all. The steamy bathroom helped a lot...
It's been established that the Vicks product is utterly useless - except, perhaps, psychologically, in humans.....I wouldn't use it with my cats, considering just how sensitive cats' systems are.....
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Also, remember that the stress of being in a different place can cause an URI, so it might not be totally the fault of the clinic.
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Sam is MUCH better, still a little sneezing and nose clearing, but he started "helping" dad tie his shoes again and was playing with his dog. Since we didn't even have a down payment the vet told us to wait and see since all his discharge was clear. So it's good news and an almost totally healthy cat again.

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I'm glad he's doing better.

I just want to put out there that my boys go to a low cost clinic and we have never had any issues--they have been great with them, actualy going above and beyond.

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If you even think that he has Herpes, then you can add Lysine to his diet. I give my girl 500mg twice a day when she has a flare up. For maintenance, I give her just 500mg a day. Lysine won't hurt him and it might help with any weepy eyes, if he's had those, especially if you think that's caused by airborne allergens.
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