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I think it would probably take a week or 2 for them to reply! Does it cost to get a mentor?
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I never asked if it cost anything.
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Try getting Cleo to sit in both beds and take her pic and then see which you like better - first impression is the grey one, but she might blend in too much with that.

If you got a pink or red towel you can put in the bed (kinda over it) then use that.
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Cleo dosent like the cat beds.
I have a pink bed also.
I have this bed also.
She has not gone in any of the cat beds at all.
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That's what I find at the shows - they never actually go into their fancy beds. That's why I just have show cushions - flat ones.

That last bed there is very pretty!
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She may use it at the show tho - my cats don't use the ones at home, but sometimes will use them in the show hall. I'd take it along and see.
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So bring the pink bed.
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I'd bring the little pink bed for her.
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No clothes in the judging ring but you use them will benched, some show halls do get really cold.

I personally don't use a cat bed in my sturdis, the cats don't like them. Instead they prefer to use extra liner sheets.

As for the CFA mentor program - I never used the program so I don't really know how long it takes to get one.

If you'd like, pm me exactly where you are and maybe I can find you a mentor in the area as well I know a few excellent breeders in CA, I can put in a good word and see if they are willing to help a friend of a friend!
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I will pm you.
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I believe the CFA Mentor program is done purely on a volunteer basis, and you are assigned a mentor based on your chosen breed/location. I have seen requests on the CFA list from the mentorship program for mentors based on breed/region, so I think the demand is greater than the current supply. Be patient, these things take time.

I never went through the program, as my mentor is the same person who sold me my pet--we live within driving distance of each other, so it worked out nicely.
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I told cfa it did not matter if they lived in california or what breed it was.
We will see what happens.
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Got your pm - will email a few peeps once I get back from my 5 day seminar ok?
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Maybe someone will be able to help me.
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This thread really makes me think that the GCCF has the right idea - no show curtains or drapes, you have to provide a small cat bed and a blanket as long as they are regulation white (available for sale at cheap price in the show hall), small white litter tray, white water bowl, food provided after judging but not during...

Cuts out all the discussion and worries about what to do and how to present your pen - because they're all exactly the same.

As much as I like the idea of presenting your cat against a green drapes backdrop or whatever, and as much as I disagree with the GCCF on other issues, their regulations provide a level (and very bland and blank!) playing field, as all pens are exactly the same.
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Coloured curtains are fairly new here and there are still some associations that require curtains/cushions be all white.
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I do not have anything white right now.
Is everything sold there?
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You can have coloured, I was talking about over here. And usually there is someone selling curtains etc. if you want to wait until you are at the show to buy.
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I wonder how long it will take Tica to send the papers?
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