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So Much Snow!

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Anyone in England still up?
We've had a freezing cold Sunday, and its been snowing for most of this evening. I've never seen so much snow! And its still falling thickly.
We only get snow once a year, if that.
I know I'll hate it when it freezes and goes all slippery tomorrow, but for now its gorgeous!
My mum is less pleased, as she broke her wrist a few years ago slipping on ice.

Any snow adventures/mishaps to share?

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Yes me It said we were supposed to get it in our area by 10.p.m but as yet nothings happend?. I think it'll be here when i wake up though.

Some areas are going to get 6" fall overnight

Linny(Jaffacake) text me a picture this evening of the snow in her area, and she's in Hastings.
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Maybe its mostly in the South atm? I'm in London and in my street we have 2"-3" in places. I can see fox trails in the snow. Those foxes must be freezing.
My cats are currently asleep under the radiator, sensible creatures
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As far as the wrist is concerned, my doctor told me he sees as many as 6 broken wrists on any icy day here.

We're having a record cold winter in much of the U.S. this year.
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Oh my goodness, if you want snow I have about 5 feet in my backyard I would be more then pleased to FedEX to you.
Winter here in Canada has been really bad this year. Tons of snow, extremely cold weather and it just keeps on going.
I normally don't mind winter but even I am saying enough is enough now......
Tomorrow is groundhog day here and I am hoping the little beast gives us some good news...
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We were well above freezing and most of our ice and snow from the big winter storm this past week has MELTED!!!!!

No more snow for me this season.
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We're snowed in!
There are no buses, and the only tubes running are the ones that I take to go to uni.
My mum's school's been closed.
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It's snowed a lot here too

I've posted some piccies of ours
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I'm in West Yorkshire and I haven't seen snow like this for years! I'm just hoping my partner will make it home from work later and then I don't mind if we get snowed in!
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Well it finally came to the North East of England, just after midnight.

This was taken just before i left for work this morning, and it's been off and on all day with the worst to come over the next 24 hours

We only have approx 2" here, so i don't know what it'll be like tomorrow?. Some of the schools have closed here as well. I'm just pleased i work a few minutes away

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Many of the sidewalks around here are treacherous with ice...I slipped and fell a couple of weeks ago. Thank goodness I landed on my rear which was well-padded from lots of holiday eating.
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These were taken around dinner time and it's still coming down.

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Your snowfall was all over our news this morning, and I had to wonder how everyone was coping. It sounds pretty much like what happens here when we get more than a dusting. Unlike most of Canada, here in southwestern BC it only takes a few inches to wreak havoc, and it sounds like you are in much the same situation, including people grumbling about there not being snow clearing equipment to deal with it. But I'll bet they'd be grumbling even more if there were enough for a situation such as this, and all those other years it was just sitting around some garage getting rusty when the snow didn't happen.

Ah well, the kiddies will have fun until it starts melting and they have to go back to school.

Hope it's not too much of a pain.
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