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Lame kitty...(it's always something)

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Hi again..

Last week Hallow had worms, so we took him to the vet & got a dewormer for him and Coco. The dewormer seemed to help Coco; she gained a few ounces in the last couple of days (according to my bathroom scale). Maybe she had gotten some worms from the kitten that were eating more of her food than she was, but now they're gone so things are looking up for her in that respect.

But this afternoon, somehow, Coco hurt her front leg/paw and is refusing to put any weight on it. She was fine when I fed her around 12:30pm, and then when I was in the kitchen around 2pm she jumped down from "her" chair at the table and went to eat, and I saw her walk back through the kitchen & she was obviously limping. I picked her up and put her on the table to try and check her out, and when I touched the shoulder/elbow of the offending leg she hissed like she wanted to kill me and tried to bite.

She's still using her paw to scoop her food so I don't think her pad/paw is the problem, and there was nothing stuck in it. Maybe she jumped off the chair the wrong way and pulled/strained something?

I managed to take her into the bedroom & put her food/litter in there for now, to keep Hallow from bothering her and so she doesn't have to walk far to eat or use the box. I'm going to call the vet first thing in the morning if she's still limping. From what I read about strains, all the vet can do is give us some pain medication and let it heal on its own. She's already been to the vet twice this year and has an appointment for dentistry on the 20th, this poor cat is not having a good year so far
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One thing.....just ensure the Vet doesn't prescribe Metacam.
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