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Skitty update

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hello all,

Just thought i would pop in with a quick update on skittie.

As you might remember skittie was brought inside on Jan 16th. After spending a day in the ceiling. She finally came down. Then after getting out of the area that I blocked off for her, several times. I decided to just let her have the run of the basement.

She has done really well. She cried for the first couple nights, but then calmed down. This weekend I started to open up the basement door. This way the kitties, and the puppies upstairs could come down and get use to each other. So far everyone has been getting along. There has been a couple hisses, but Skittie has been very good. She watches the other cat's when they come down, but does not run after them or anything. She even came out and let me pet her while one of the dogs were downstairs.

She has had no problem using her litter box or eating. She does tend to lay under neath the couch and tables alot.

Right now she is laying on the couch behind me and playing with a blanket and her toy mouse.

I can't wait for her to make the trip upstairs. I think that's going to take a little bit though.

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Looks like you are making good progress with her.
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Hehe, fun times!

For a while I didn't think I'd ever get my newest cat accepted to the family... took about 2 months but now they get along like they've been living together for 10 years.
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Well skittie has been doing really good. She has been coming out when I am down in the basement, and even coming out when the puppies are out. She sneaks up and sniffs one of the puppies. The other kitties come downstairs and sniff around, she doesn't hiss or chase them or anything.

We started leaving the basement door open. We leave it open during the daytime and had started leaving it open at night. She cries a couple times during the night. When we are awake and she cries, i would go down stairs and sit with her. She comes out and lets me pet her and rubs all over me. Then she will just lay on the floor right next to me.

But she will not come upstairs. I thought that at night time she would come up to explore, but she just stays down in the basement. I know that she was born outside and has been outside for at least a year and a half. She is doing extremely well considering. I was even able to pick her up once, and put her on the couch downstairs.

I keep telling her to come upstairs with me, but she won't listen. Hopefully soon she will come up.
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How wonderful that she feels comforted by you. Things are really going great for her. You are doing everything right for her and letting her take her time. It does so much to build their confidence up.

Hope things continue to go well.
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Hello All,

Just another update on Skittie.

Skittie had been living in the basement with the door open for almost two weeks. She would never come upstairs, the other animals would go down though. She got along with the puppies great.

Well I had to vacuum downstairs in the basement. She had shed like crazy, i guess getting rid of all that winter fur. Well she didn't like the vacuum, and took off upstairs. I had figured she would run, so i had blocked off where i thought she would run to. She ran into the bathroom and laid next to the toilet.
She would let me wife and my daughter pet her. Downstairs she would always run when ever they got close. When it got to be bed time, we put one of the kittens ( babbie ) in with her. They did really well, except for kallie who didn't know what to do being out of the bathroom. So last night we put babbie and kallie back in the bathroom. Skittie had starting walking around the house close to 8pm. We let her roam the house. Around 2am she starting meowing alot. So we brought her into our bedroom and closed the door. She laid on the floor by my side of the bed, and i would reach down and pet her every now and then.

Then today she stayed under my nightstand until around 8pm then started to come out and explore the house and just lay with us while we watched tv.

I think that we are going to have to get her out of her feral schedule of sleeping during the day and hunting at night.

I told my wife that i am just amazed by her. I mean she has been an outside cat for a year and a half. Here she has been inside for only a month, and is doing great. She gets along with the other 4 cats and 2 dogs, she uses the litter box, she hasn't tried to destroy the furniture or anything. I just wish that I would have caught her sooner.

Well thanks for reading and all the help everyone has given.
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Oh that is so great that Skittie is coming along so quickly. She must like it at your house!
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