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Removing mats

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Hi All
My kitty has a lot of these mats, I know my bad, not brushing her
I have 3 different brushes for help with grooming, Looks like they do not work
to well with the mats any ideas, last time at the vet, they had a little
technique, they did with there fingers, and removed them quite easily.
Do any of you have some secret to get these things off.. I have used scissors
and yes I never get close to the skin.. maybe it is time for a groomer.
How the heck do they do it? thanks for any help..

by the way my kitty MINCA is 8 years old and A long hair, beauty
of a girl..very friendly..
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My Maine Coon had a lot of mats a few months ago because she would never sit still for regular brushing & she hated it if I tried to cut the mats out. I found a comb called a mat remover...it looks like this: http://www.petco.com/Shop/Product.as...sultRedirect=1

The trick is to start at the end of the mats (not the base near the skin) and gently work through a little at a time until they can be combed through. I really didn't think it would work at first since my cat is so fussy, but if you are gentle & try to catch them when they are sleeping/relaxed, it actually works very well. It took about 3 or 4 days to get them all combed out, but it was a lot less stressful than trying to cut them or taking her to a groomer.

Good luck!
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thanks greeneye I have that exact comb, you did enlighten
me about the use of it. I always would get to the bottom of the mat,
and it would pull to hard I will try again, like I said, I don't like using scissors
wish they had a liquid out. that you can just wet the area and bam
the mat was gone.. ha would'nt that be nice thanks again
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