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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Cloudy and a bit warmer here today, which is nice, yesterday was way to cold for my taste.

Not feeling to energetic today, sleep really lousy last night, tossed and turned the whole night away.

Nothing special planned, have to clear off my steps and deck later but that will most likely be it for today. Other then that just puttering at the computer and watching some TV.

The kitties have all had breakfast and went back to bed, guess I kept them up all night as well.

Everyone have a great day
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I've just gone through all the photos from january, I'm gonna email the best pics from dEUS and Flynn and some stories about them to their breeder as I try to do every month.
I also finished uploading four and a half years worth of photos to my new photobucket account.

Next I'm going to watch a documentary and untangle my hair at the same time to prepare for washing it later (always time consuming with a length like mine).

The orchids need watering, the aquarium needs cleaning, and I need to help my boyfriend wash the livingroom windows.

After I've washed my hair I'll watch some movies while drying and when it's dry I can oil and brush it.

One of the wheels on the cart I use to haul cat litter has come off, I've procrastinated about putting it back on, I've already found some spare nuts so I should really go screw that wheel back on before the next time I get some litter delivered.
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And eating pizza
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Heading to church in a couple minutes..then groceries and laundry...then Desperate Housewives tonight!
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lounging around and then going to watch the superbowl with my dad, i could care less about foot ball, its more of a day to get together with dad and enjoy some pizza and wings!
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Beautiful day here, bright blue skies and a high of about 15 C. I say screw the groundhog - if this is winter it can stick around for 6 more weeks. We'll be getting back to more seasonable winter weather during the work week though - cool and rainy tomorrow and highs around freezing for the next couple of days.

I slept in today, until ~ 9:15, ate breakfast, cleaned the litter boxes, washed the dishes from last night, and changed the sheets. Then I packed up my laundry and headed over to my parents house. I stopped off at the Advance auto parts on the way so that I could get a new air filter, new wiper blades, and some new washer fluid (the old stuff has been freezing on my windshield when it's cold ).

When I got to my parents house I discovered they're still out of town, so I might or might not see them this weekend, depending on what time they get home. I installed everything on my car and now I'm washing laundry. After I finish up over here, I'll head home around 4 and maybe pick up a pizza on the way home. then I'll probably have a friend over and we'll watch the Superbowl and munch on some snacks. I'm not sure how much of the game I'll watch - I'll probably flip through the channels during the game and watch the commercials. I was actually thinking a drinking game might be fun - maybe one shot for every men's ED product that's advertised. I'm not sure I can drink that much though, so maybe something a little less frequent like 1st downs or passes would be wiser.
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I am going to the gym since I haven't been for a week, get gas, and cash in some bottles and cans for a little extra spending $$.

Then home to watch the superbowl. Not much on the menu there, just chips and my salsa. Maybe a pizza, I don't know.
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I had a nice sleep in this morning [till 9.40AM] I've just been working on the entry form of my first cat show for Fluffy [3 weeks away] and am just watching the Super Bowl a little!

I've got to go shopping for cat food, kitten food and some chicken and naan for our curry tonight!

I've got the night off work so I'm just going to relax. Woohoo!
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grocery, food prep for the week ahead, exercising, eating, blogging, taking it easy in other words
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