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One thing after another

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My three cats and the foster kitten, Sunny have all had their treatment for Chlamydia. Jupey has just had a weeks course of Baytril as he didn't get on well with the antibiotics the rest of them have had, he hasn't shown any signs of being ill until now. He's fine in himself but for the past couple of days he's been sneezing a lot. Obviously it being a weekend and not an emergency I haven't phoned the vet yet, I just wondered if anyone has any idea why this has happened after he's been medicated.

To top it off, someone out of the four if not all of them, has worms! Someone threw up roundworms last week so they've all been treated for it and I'm hoping it's worked.

It looks like Sunny is going back to the vets as he has the runs AGAIN, in fact none of them have been doing solid poos since the antibiotics but Sunny's always had problems. Who is going to want to adopt this bad tempered, bad stomached boy?
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Antibiotics can cause kitties to get runny stools, so that may be the cause of some of the problem. Regarding the sneezing, the stress of a new addition can cause an outbreak of an URI. Until you can get the little one to the vet, make sure Jupey continues to eat well, drink well, and use the box well. Also, if possible, you might want to separate him from the others. Of course, with him already sneezing, it might have already been passed on to the others if it's an URI.

Sounds like you've got a lot on your plate with these 3 now. Hope they continue to do well and flourish under your loving care.
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