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trying to get cat to eat more

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Miles, my 7 yr old male has had trouble adjusting a set feeding schedule. Up until 9 months ago, I free fed him dry food and he ate his fill, and was even a little on the heavy side. He was around 14 lbs, and I think the vet would have liked him to be around 12. He ate roughly 1/2 a cup of Iams a day. When I got Zoe, she would eat anything in sight after she finished her food, so I had to resort to feeding them on a set schedule twice a day and keeping them seperated for around an hour so he have time to eat an adequate amount. Sometimes he ate the 1/4 cup each time, sometimes not. He lost weight, which wasn't all bad, but now I think he needs a a little back on. I switched him to wet food because he seemed to eat a bit quicker, with some dry on the side in case he was extra hungry. He eats a 1/2 a 5oz can each time, Wellness turkey. I know he would eat more but I can't really fit a 3rd feeding in with my schedule. I was putting down some dry from time to time to let him snack, but then he was bugging me all the time to nibble for a few minutes but not eat any substantial amount.

Is there anything that would increase his appetite so he would eat more each meal ? No matter what wet food ive tried he seems to average the same amount eaten per meal. He's due for a vet visit in about a month, but I was wondering if there was something simple and safe I could try because vet visits are very tramatic since getting him into the carrier is a trial and he doesn't do well once he gets there(hissing, growling, trying to climb the walls, biting).
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First of all, check with your vet to make sure he's at a healthy weight. If your vet is happy with his weight and your guy is acting fine otherwise (normal play, use of litterbox, normal disposition, etc), then he's probably getting enough to eat. Then remember, if you're feeding a higher quality food, cats don't need as much of it as when they eat a lesser quality food. Wellness is a good, higher quality food. Also, prior to your new kitty arriving, Miles may have been eating more out of boredom than true hunger. If your 2 kitties are playing together, he's getting more exercise which will help him stay fit and trim.

I know that when Hannah came to live with us, Callie, my older cat, responded to her much like Miles responded to Zoe. Callie lost weight, which she needed to do, and hasn't gained a lot of it back. She's much more fit now, plays more, eats less, and at a stable weight.

I don't think I'd panic yet, but definitely discuss your concerns with your vet.

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The switch to wet might be why he lost weight. People sometimes switch to an all weight diet when they need their cats to loss weight.

If he doesn't eat much of the dry that you sometimes give him, he isn't hungry. He just wants a treat.

I'd wait to see what the vet has to say then go from there.
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