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update: captan jack

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well jack has grown by leaps and bounds it was interesting getting used to the fact that he has no tail but we love him any way i think his favorite hobby is to stalk me doesn't matter where i go he is close by sleeping or watching or making biscuts and sucking fairy blanket
jack when we first brought him home

look at me now

omg i think i am bigger than you spike

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Wow! He's grown by leaps and bounds! Gorgeous boy!
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yeah he out weighs spke and is bigger in build i thin jack is only9 months old where as spike will be 3 this october
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Yes he's grown quite a bit. It always needs a bit of getting used to when the little ones outgrow the older cats. (we still occasionally refer to the 3 year olds as "the kittens")
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Oh my he is sure a cutie!!! and they do seem to grow sooooooo fast....just like kids it seems like you blink,and they are grown!!!lol
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Awwww I love the last 2 pictures of him all cuddled with Spike! He's a handsome lad
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I hope Spike was nice to Jack when he was a kitten or there may be some payback. He's really growing into a handsome adult.
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He's adorable, they grow up so fast
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yeah they do
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Aw he's so cute!
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