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What kind of worm and how best to treat?

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WARNING, this is a bit graphic.


My cat, a stray I took in a few months ago, has come down with a diarrhea the last few days. Today it has turned really bad and his stool is liquid and sometimes containing mainly mucus and blood. He has also vomited, once he vomited food.
In one puddle I found on the floor, that I thought was vomit but may have come from the other end, was a small white thing about a 1/4 inch long and rather thin. I found another one like this in a puddle next to the litterbox. It looks like a worm but I can't figure out what kind it is. I've seen tape worm before and it didn't quite look like that and it wasn't moving. I can't figure out what kind it was though. It was about the thickness of spagetti and it was curled. What could it be?
I don't know if it makes a difference but one of my other cats, a long haired one, has gotten dandruff lately, something she has never had before.

Also, if anyone knows what this is does anyone have any suggestions of how best to treat it. What kind of dewormer and where can i get it? Should i treat all my cats? Money is a little short right now so if I can treat it without going to the vet that would be good. Of course I will take my kitty to the vet if it's necessary though.

Thanks for the help. Sorry if I grossed you out.
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The thickness of spaghetti! Yikes.

I don't know of anything that looks like that, but I've never actually seen a worm, so that hardly matters. I would take kitty to the vet ASAP. For one, he could get dehydrated very quickly and for two - you sure don't want your other cats getting whatever he's got (if they haven't already)! Plus, the vet's test will pinpoint exactly what you're dealing with, so you can target your treatment accordingly.

Good luck!
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Originally Posted by Auntie Crazy View Post
I would take kitty to the vet ASAP.
i agree - whichever kind it is, you'll need something from the vet for it.
but if you want to satisfy your curiousity, here's a link: worms pics
worms info
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If there was blood it could be more serious than worms...When you take her to the vet though and explain to them it should be fine...
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Our kitten just had an issue with worms on Wednesday. He puked up a bunch of spaghetti-like things that were still moving ; they were roundworms. Took him to the vet & he got dewormed and we also got a dewormer for our other cat. If your other cats interact/have access to each other's litter boxes then it is very likely they can pick up the worms and need to get treated for it as well. Diahrea though is much more serious & he should go to the vet ASAP.
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Whatever you do, do NOT use over the counter de-wormers!! Take that cat to the vet to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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