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Does this make any sense? (Rant)

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I hope this is the right section, if not, sorry mods!

Ok, this is my first rant, on any message board. Sorry for ranting, I just really have to get it off my chest.

It's about my in laws and dogs. DH was raised by his grandparents, so they are practically his parents. They have a mixed breed dog, he is about 5 yrs old. Well about 3 yrs ago they got a female dog(I'm sure you know where this is going) and didn't get neither the male nor female fixed. Of course about 6-8 months after they bought that female pup home, there came a litter from her. They still didn't get them fixed after that. Then came another litter of puppies, and another litter! I asked DH why they were letting them have so much puppies, he said his grandpa just didn't care pretty much. I was pretty mad that he was letting them have so many litters, that poor thing was only 2 yrs old and she had had 3 litters already. What kind of sense does that make? About 4 months ago she had ANOTHER litter! And guess what, when the puppies were about 5 weeks old, his grandfather decided he had enough puppies, called the pound, and had them pick up all the puppies AND the mama! Yup I was pretty mad. It just doesn't make any sense to me. I'm not close to the inlaws at all, we get along, I'm just not close to them. I told DH my concerns about eveything, that it doesn't make any sense to do any of it, and asked if he could speak with his grandpa about it, this was before the 4th litter btw. He did, basically all he got out of his grandpa was that he liked his male dog so much and he's such a good dog he feels it necessary for him to father puppies. WHAT??? You've gotta be kidding me right? I just can't comprehend how someone can think like that?!?!? What really gets to me is that he just called the pound and got rid of those dogs like nothing!

Well what started me on this rant is yesterday DH was over at his grandparents house. His grandpa mentioned that he wants to get another dog! As soon as my hubby told me that I asked him if he knew if he wanted a girl or boy? Thank God he wants a boy. Oh, rewind, I forgot to mention that after the 4th litter came along he decided to get the male nuetered, but left the female intact. So he says he wants another dog, wants this one to be a purebred chow, I'm thinking fine, just take care of the dog and be responsible about it, right? Well then DH tells me that his grandpa regrets getting his male neutered! HUH? It's just so frustrating, because it makes no sense to handle pets like that. DH knows how I feel about all this and completely agrees with me. He even tried convincing his grandpa if he wants another dog to get it at the shelter.

Sorry about the rant. It's just very frustrating!
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Feel free to rant. We are hear to listen.

First off, if this man wants to own animals he needs to do it responsibly. To just let his dog go off and make puppies like that with no regard for the puppies lives or the mama is irresponsible. There are already too many animals without homes. I'm glad he finally got him fixed. He needs to stick to male dogs and make sure they are neutered. And yes, hopefully he will get a shelter dog.
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I don't blame you for being upset. I would be, too.

He's probably from the "old school" where they didn't believe in getting animals altered. My dad was that way, too. My s/o had a problem with the idea when we got together and I had my cats done. He actually cringes when I take them in to have it done. But he doesn't say too much anymore, b/c he knows he's fighting a lost cause.

I guess some people just don't care, or just don't "get it".

I hope the next dog your hubby's grandpa gets is already neutered.
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